Introducing the New and Improved Community Hub

We have some exciting news to share! 🎉


Behind the scenes here in the Seller Community we've been hard at work, and we're thrilled to unveil our latest update: the all-new Community Hub! This hub is designed to be your go-to resource for everything you need to get started in the Community. 



Why we built this


We recognized that the new member journey into the Seller Community could sometimes feel daunting and overwhelming. In order to better support members, our team set out to build the Community Hub to streamline your journey through the Community by providing essential resources and a supportive area that encourages collaboration and learning.


So, what's new in the Community Hub?


First, when you log into the Seller Community, you'll notice a new addition under Learn in the navigation bar – the Community Hub. This is your gateway to insightful resources aimed at enhancing your community experience.


Inside the Community Hub, you'll find a dedicated section called Community Resources. Here, we've centralized all the guidelines and helpful materials that you’ll need to navigate and participate in the Community. Among these resources is our brand new article, Getting Started in the Seller Community, which is crafted to ensure you feel right at home from the moment you join.


But wait, there’s more! We're also introducing the Community Corner – a fresh, interactive space where you can engage with fellow sellers, share experiences, seek advice, and build connections. 




At its core, the Community Hub is more than just a collection of resources – it's a hub for collaboration, learning, and growth. Whether you're a seasoned Seller Community member or just starting out, our Community Hub is here to empower you every step of the way. Be one of the first to start a new thread in the Community Corner!


We encourage you to explore, engage, and make the most of this resource as you get started on your journey and see you in the Community.


Check out the Community Hub


Max is a Community Engagement Program Manager at Square. He’s passionate about helping sellers grow their businesses and fostering connection within the Seller Community.

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