Stellar Sellers: Recognizing Top Contributors in the Seller Community, May 2024

Hey everyone, 


I hope that you all have been having a lovely May! As we’re getting closer to the summer months, I’m cherishing the last bit of spring that we have (although my allergies are ready for a change 🤧).


This past month, the Stellar Sellers garnered 918 Kudos, 606 Replies, and 113 Best Answers.  Keep smashing it! 💪


How are members selected to be a part of Stellar Sellers?


To discover our Seller Community top contributors of the month, our team looks at how many best answers members shared, how many kudos they've received, and how engaged they've been. We also look beyond the metrics and check out how our members embrace our community values and guidelines which help make the Seller Community a welcoming and inclusive space. 


Here are some more things to keep top of mind to become a Stellar Seller: 

  • Give and receive kudos (click the Like button)! 💚
  • Provide helpful answers
  • Create your own posts and engage with others
  • Be kind and welcoming


Now, let’s get to celebrating!




👏 Top Kudos 👏


  1. @VanKalkerFarms with 234 Kudos
  2. @TCSlaguna with 195 Kudos
  3. @mksavage with 189 Kudos
  4. @Sam_400º with 151 Kudos
  5. @TheRealChipA with 149 Kudos


✍️ Most Best Answers ✍️


  1. @TheRealChipA with 36 Best Answers
  2. @JK_Fiber_Art with 23 Best Answers
  3. @VanKalkerFarms with 20 Best Answers
  4. @Candlestore with 18 Best Answers
  5. @ryanwanner with 16 Best Answers


🗣Top Engaged Members 🗣

  1. @VanKalkerFarms 
  2. @TheRealChipA 
  3. @Sam_400º 
  4. @TCSlaguna 
  5. @Twpchair 


🌟 ️Rising Stars 🌟

  1. @dimo10 
  2. @VanKalkerFarms 
  3. @AnnaBYLY 
  4. @HC_Charlie 
  5. @Twiggy 


🙌 Special Shout Outs 🙌


  1. @BlushOrganics for launching their bath bomb and soap company. 
  2. @mksavage for being featured in this month’s Let’s Talk Business.
  3. @HCV made a new integration for Square that creates address labels for your orders automatically.
  4. @martinlumsden for joining the Seller Community this month and already starting great discussions in the Square Readers Book Club!
  5. @rickszat1 for being so helpful with some awesome advice on how to acquire new customers.
  6. @stuntbaker for being new and already adding 6+ replies and a feature request.
  7. @Lovewell for announcing their second store opening soon!
  8. @Miri for her lovely intro in the community and already creating 7+ posts.
  9. @VanKalkerFarms for winning America's Greatest Donut contest's fan favorite of the year!


🏆 Member of the Month🏆


Drum roll please! 🥁🥁🥁🥁


Let’s give it up to @mksavage, Michelle, for being May’s Member of the Month!


What makes Michelle the Member of the Month?


If you’ve interacted with Michelle, then you already know how much of a welcoming and friendly person she is! She has been in the Seller Community since 2019 and has authored over 600+ posts and 1,110+ kudos! Michelle is also a part of the Square Readers Book Club and the Beta Community.


Take this post here and this one here as prime examples of Michelle being an helpful community member!


Congrats again to Michelle for earning May’s Member of the Month! If you see her in the community, make sure to give her some kudos. If she has helped you in the past or continues to provide helpful solutions to one of your questions, make sure to mark her answer as the best solution which helps acknowledge her hard work.


@mksavage be sure to keep an eye out for a special badge coming your way!




Thanks again to all of the members mentioned this month as a Stellar Seller and special thanks to all of you for being a part of the Seller Community!


See you all in the community and be on the lookout for June’s edition of Stellar Sellers dropping later next month. Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog to receive articles straight to your inbox.




Max “kudos all around” Pete

Max is a Community Engagement Program Manager at Square. He’s passionate about helping sellers grow their businesses and fostering connection within the Seller Community.

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