Community Improvements: New and Improved Search and Recent Updates

In this installment of Community Improvements we're sharing just some of the new features and improvements we've added to the Seller Community. With every change that we make, our goal is to make visiting and participating in the Community a productive and seamless experience. We hope to have a little fun along the way too. 😉


New and Improved Search 🔍


We have upgraded the search experience in the Seller Community, improving both the interface and the back end. These improvements should make it much easier for you to find helpful content, to get answers to questions, and to connect with other sellers.


Updates to search include:


☑️ Improved analytics and search training, allowing us to really fine-tune how search works. This particular upgrade is huge, as it helps us ensure that the results you see make sense.

☑️ Individual results now include a text preview, so you can get a better idea whether a result is what you need.

☑️ Suggestions shown when using the search field are now suggested search queries rather than links to posts. With improved training, suggested queries are more helpful as they send you to a full list of results rather than show a single, isolated result.


Individual search results now include a text preview.Individual search results now include a text preview.

Suggestions shown when using the search field are now suggested search queries rather than links to posts.Suggestions shown when using the search field are now suggested search queries rather than links to posts.



New Group: Square Readers Book Club 📚


This spring we launched the Square Readers Book Club, in which we read a book specially selected to tackle a business topic. We created a dedicated book club group in which sellers can share their thoughts and learnings from business books. 


We also expanded the functionality of our Seller Groups to help you discover book club virtual events. In the past a meeting was only visible from a single events board. With this update you can learn about the next meeting and RSVP without leaving your new favorite group. 


Save the date and join Square Small Business Evangelist Aylon Pesso for the next live discussion about The 1-Page Marketing Plan by Allan Dib on July 25.


Screenshot 2023-06-13 at 8.26.22 AM.png


Improved Sign-Up Process for the Beta Community 📋


Last but not least we made significant changes to streamline joining the Beta Community. You can now join the Beta Community to test the latest features in just a few clicks.


Screenshot 2023-06-13 at 2.24.03 PM.png


Revealing Our New Series: ‘In the News’ 📰


Recently we launched a new series called In the News. Every two weeks Square Small Business Evangelist Aylon Pesso will kick off a discussion about a recent news item and its impact on business owners across the world.


You can find In the News on the Question of the Week board. To make it easier to navigate this board, we added labels to help you find content relevant to you and your interests. This means you can read the latest In the News post or easily navigate to different topics in the Question of the Week wheelhouse, from business stories to topics that are just for fun.


Subscribe to the blog to learn about the latest happenings and highlights from around the Community, interviews with business owners, and more. We look forward to bringing you more platform updates in the future.

Adam is the Platform Operations Manager for the Square Seller Community. He manages the techie bits of our community software.


Cover image Photo by Dan Cristian Pădureț on Unsplash.
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