Small Business Month Seller Spotlight: Katie, Battlefield Lavender

Welcome to the latest Seller Spotlight installment for Small Business Month, where we highlight some of our fantastic Community members.


Today we are meeting Katie of Battlefield Lavender, aka @BuzzMO in the Seller Community. Katie and her husband manage a beautiful agri-destination lavender farm in Centralia, Missouri. Read on to learn about their farm and the importance of a great partnership!




Why did you start your business?


We started Battlefield Lavender to create something beautiful and unique in our state and in our small community of Centralia, Missouri. Lavender is an incredible, versatile plant, and is well-known and much beloved, but difficult for many gardeners to grow. We love inviting people to visit and explore our 3-acre field filled with 16 varieties and nearly 2,500 plants right in the heartland of the Midwest.


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Why did you choose Square?


We chose Square to run our lavender business because it gave us the flexibility to start small, with only the basics that we needed at the time, but also offered the robust POS and other services, like the online store and marketing, that have really helped us grow our business.


What is your favorite thing about running Battlefield Lavender? 


Our favorite part of our business is getting to meet amazing people who love lavender as much as we do! It's great to find an affinity with other humans who are seeking peace and joy in their lives, and to help provide them with a small piece, and peace, here at our farm.


What is something you didn’t expect?


When we started our business, I was sure I would need to quit my full-time job in order to make it a success, but I've found that by leveraging the right tools, including Square, I'm able to manage my time so I can still have have the stability of my regular job, along with the benefits, while continuing to grow my business.


The team at Battlefield Lavender!The team at Battlefield Lavender!


What are your long-term plans?


My husband and I plan for the future by sitting down a few times a year and having brainstorming sessions about what we need to accomplish in the immediate future, as well as talk about where we see the business going and new things we want to do in the coming year.


What has helped you to grow your business?


The most significant growth factor to our business has been the fantastic partnership my husband and I have. We have always believed we could do anything together.


Thank you Katie! Learn more about Katie and Battlefield Lavender on YouTube, Instagram or Facebook. You can also check out their variety of lavender products online.


Helen is a Seller Community Manager at Square and is the editor of the Seller Community Blog. She writes about small business and the owners & entrepreneurs that are a part of the Seller Community.

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