Stellar Sellers: Recognizing Top Contributors in the Seller Community, February 2024

Hey everyone, 


I hope that you’re all having a wonderful February! We’re back again with a new edition of Stellar Sellers and are very excited to celebrate the amazing members of this community. 🙂 


ICYMI, check out January’s Stellar Sellers. 👏



How are members selected to be a part of Stellar Sellers?


To discover our top contributors of the month, our team looks at how many best answers members offered, how many kudos they've received, and how engaged they've been in the Community. We also look beyond the metrics and check out how our members embrace our community values and guidelines which help make the Seller Community a welcoming and inclusive space. 


I want to be selected for the Stellar Sellers, how do I make this happen?


Good news! If you’re already active in the Community and connecting with other members, then that is a great start! 


Here are some more things to keep top of mind: 

  • Give and receive kudos (click the Like button)! 💚
  • Provide helpful answers
  • Create your own posts and engage with others
  • Be kind and welcoming


Now let’s get into it and celebrate the amazing members that have made a big impact in the Seller Community in February!


👏 Top Kudos 👏


  1. @DLRosenberg 106 Kudos
  2. @ryanwanner 91 Kudos
  3. @TheRealChipA 80 Kudos


✍️ Most Best Answers ✍️


  1. @TheRealChipA 12 Best Answers
  2. @Candlestore 11 Best Answers
  3. @JK_Fiber_Art 6 Best Answers


🗣Top Engaged Members 🗣

  1. @TheRealChipA 
  2. @Sam_400º 
  3. @TCSlaguna 


🙌 Special Shout Outs  🙌


  1. @RuckusDonuts for celebrating 2 and ½ years since launching their business!
  2. @JK_Fiber_Art for always being super helpful in the Community and for landing on the leaderboard! 
  3. @bonny for her participation in the Seller Book Club and for joining in on amazing conversations!
  4. @queenbeeon25th for publishing over 7+ posts in the Community this month! We appreciate you!
  5. @DLRosenberg released her new podcast Apothecary After Dark! Listen to it here 🎧
  6. @Fog80 opened their new barber shop


🏆 Member of the Month 🏆


Now time to celebrate our Member of the Month! Let's give a big round of applause to @Stacelyn24 for their amazing and helpful contributions to the Seller Community in February! 👏


What makes Stacelyn the Member of the Month?


Stacelyn has been a part of the Seller Community since 2016 and has received over 500 kudos and 500 replies to posts. Staceylyn is a Super Seller and is also part of the Square Readers Book Club and recently took part in our interview series for Black History Month. If you have seen Stacelyn in the Community, you can tell how much she is there to support a fellow seller. Take this post as a perfect example.


Thank you so much to Stacelyn for being part of the Seller Community and for all of your support!


Don’t forget if you see Stacelyn around the Community please give her a shout out. If she has helped you in the past or if she provides a useful solution to one of your questions, please give her a kudos and mark her answer as the best solution which helps acknowledge their hard work.


Oh yeah, be on the lookout for a special badge coming your way @Stacelyn24🙂 




Much love to all of the members mentioned this month as a Stellar Seller and special thanks to all of you for being a part of the Seller Community! If you’d like to nominate members who weren’t on the leaderboard this month, please do so in the comments below! Also, how is everyone enjoying this new series so far? We’re always open to feedback so please let us know.


See you all in the Community and be on the lookout for March’s edition of Stellar Sellers dropping at the end of next month! Subscribe to the blog to receive articles straight to your inbox.



Max “love being able to celebrate with you all” Pete

Max is a Community Engagement Program Manager at Square. He’s passionate about helping sellers grow their businesses and fostering connection within the Seller Community.

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