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We have a team of people selling and they need to be able to process a payment via their PC terminal.  I can see where to set up Teams and grant permissions but it is not clear to me how to limit their access to JUST being able to process a payment without seeing any of the rest of the dashboard.


I realise I could give the team a QR Code or URL to accept a payment but processing the payment that way requires entering all the client details again, and this is already recorded prior to taking the payment.  What we would wish to do is go direct to the TAKE A PAYMENT link ( https://squareup.com/dashboard/take-payment )  how is that achieved?


TIA for any advice.

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Hi @chris7of9, thanks for your post!


If you want to give team members permission to take payments only and not see anything else on the Dashboard, you just need to make sure that only Checkout is set to Active and everything else is set to off. Within Checkout, make sure to tick the Use Virtual Terminal box as this is the permission team members will need to take payments on their computer. 


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I hope this will help!

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Thanks, but I was hoping for a link direct to the "Take a Payment" but understand from talking with support that this is not possible - but all good.

Thank you for your reply anyway.

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