Feature Request: Schedule multiple staff for single appointment

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Feature Request: Schedule multiple staff for single appointment

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Hello. I'm wondering how I can set up scheduling couples massages? I need to be able to have two employees selected when they choose this appointment type. I've tried explaining to a customer the steps to take to schedule two appointments for the same time with two different therapists but this showed to be too inconvenient and they said they'd rather just call in. 

Any help appreciated.



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Re: checking out client with multiple providers

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I went to check on this request and the ability to process separate sales for each provider on one ticket isn't available at this time. Thank you for showing why this feature is important for your spa.


For now, you'll need to process each service separately to make sure the proper employee gets credit. Appreciate your patience as we make improvements based on seller feedback!

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Is there still no update to this issue? It is very important to a lot of us to be able to check out one customer on multiple service providers. It is a pain to have the client run their card multiple times. 

I have a salon, with different services and professionals, sometimes same costumer does different services with different professionals, how can I assign each service to the right professional on the checkout in a single ticket? Square team advise me to open multiples tickets and swipe the costumer card as many as necessary, NO MAKE SENSE AT ALL.

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Could you use assign each professional and a "Modifier"? 

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This would be considered a feature request at this time, @Anacolangelo.



I will be moving your post to the Feature Requests board for better visibility.

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@HavenSalonCo- I love to see the feature mention here.  I think it would be nice to be able to incorporate this feature in the Split function where if a service is split. It will ask for a passcode again.  The passcode is assigned to the employee already so it will keep track of the payment.  So if Emp 1 checkout with her passcode, when split with emp2, emp 2 then enter in his passcode then it allows customers to tip each Employee seperately depending on how well each person did their job.  Love to see this feature so tipping and bookkeeping in general is easier.

No idea how to do that, can you explain? Please?

This is been a nightmare for a while, as I have multiples services, and professionals, I’m not been able to assign services to each one in the same ticket, to see, by the end of the day, who did what. As some professionals get only a % of the services, I’m also not be able, on the ticket to set that %for them. 

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It is not currently possible to process a single payment for services provided by multiple service providers.

This is a very popular feature request that others in this thread are also interested in seeing, @Anacolangelo.
Thank you for sharing with us why your business would like to see this ability introduced.

Our Appointments team is aware of this interest, and we will let you know if we hear of any updates by posting here.

Having the same issue here, a hair stylist and a nail professional are doing different services on the same costumer, but I'm not been able to assign each service to each professional, last time I spoke with costumer care, they said to me do a multiple swipes to each service, BS. 

I noticed that this feature was recently added (yay!), but I did want to try and understand how tips were broken down between the two service providers.