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I am very confused by options and variations. 

We sell t-shirts and are not sure how to list them on the website store. They are all the same just different sizes/genders. 


So example. 

VHC T-Shirt is plain black with the logo. I have it in ladies sizes, men/unisex sizes, and Kids sizes. These sizes are the only difference, but I need people to be able to choose their options. 

Can I have separate option for each size group, or do I need to have an option that lists them all? It would be a very big list if that is the only way to do it. There are something like 40 different sizes. 

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Hi @KelJopuka,


Variations and options are a bit tricky! Variations exist in Square and define the unique varieties of an item. Each variation can have its own cost, price, SKU, etc. For example, a ‘T-shirt’ could have a Black, Small variation or a White, Large variation.


Option sets are attributes that define a variation. How you set up your options and variations would depend on your business and the items you're selling, and personal preference.


Since you're selling T-shirts, and explained that you've got different sizing for men, women and kids, you can create an option listing your different sizes. Here's how:


1. Go to Items in your online Square Dashboard and select > Options.

2. Select Create an Option Set > enter your set name, display name, and set type.

3. Add item options based off of your chosen display name. e.g Kids - Small, Mens - Medium.  



4. Click Save once you're done. 


Next, you can apply the option set to your items. Head to your item library, select the item you'd like to edit and click Add Options > choose the option set you've created. Like this, when a customer chooses the VHC T-Shirt online, they'll be able to choose from a full list of all sizes you've got available. 


Alternatively, you could create a seperate item for each of the sizing options you've got available, e.g a "VHC Kids T-Shirt", "VHC Mens T-Shirt", and so on. Next, create an option set listing your sizes, such as S, M, L, etc., and apply it to the item.

The only difference here would be that instead of having the one item listing all possible sizes, you'd have three items listed, but with a shorter list of sizes for a customer to scroll through. 


I hope this has cleared things up a bit! Let me know if you've got any other questions around variations and options 🙂 

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Thanks for your reply @Arie 


I suspected I was going to have to do it that way. I tried adding 2 option sets to the same T-shirt but that went horribly wrong lol 


I will look at doing the Mens/Ladies/Kids listing. 


Can you also tell me if the options will only show up if there is stock on hand, or if they will have to select a size and add to cart only to find out that size isn't available? 

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Hey @KelJopuka


If an item variation is out of stock it will appear as greyed out and not be selectable, like this:



Hope this helps 🙂

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Thank you @Seamus 

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