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Feature request - Appointments discounts.

Square is great for selling items on your website. Also for creating coupons and discounts for said items. 

However, if you sell bookable services via Square appointments you cannot give your customers a discount code to use on your website to book your services. 

An example. I am an online tutor. I want to conduct online tests which students book using square appointments on my website. The test costs £10 and I want students to prepay for the service when they book it online.


I would like to be able to create coupons that provide discounts for individual students for the services they book via the Square appointments page on my website.


At present I am allowing students to book online without prepayment and issuing invoices to each student when they book something and applying discounts manually. 

Please please please can you look into making this feature viable. It’s the only gripe I have. 

Thank you! 

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I am desperate for this too!! Please Square let us do discounts on appointments!!

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I am wanting this badly. I have memberships and discounts yet they can't use to book online I have to do it all manually 

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Even applying the discount as a customer group for memberships needs to be added manually?! It doesn’t make any sense? Discounts need to be possible providing any service! Please. 

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