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Tax Rules not working in Square for restaurants

I am in the UK and trying to apply different VAT ratings to different supplies of the same inventory items.

Cake & Deli items in should have 0% & %5 applied to them in Square.

5% needs to be applied to bills when customers eat in & 0% when customers order takeaway (To Go) or collection (PICK UP)

I created a RULE to not apply 5% VAT tax rate to bills created TO GO. then applied 0% & %5 VAT rates to one item, then applied the RULE to the same item to test that I had done this correctly. It worked as expected.


I then applied the 5% VAT rate to the rest of those items.

I then applied the rule to not apply 5% VAT to those same items  

Now transactions show both taxes (AB beside items) being applied to those items on bills that are TO GO.  

Any one know what has happened here, how to fix this or how they are dealing with different VAT rates  on same items in Square for restaurants?

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