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Rearranging modifiers to reflect online arrangement

Can we please get a timeframe of when this feature will be implemented? I have seen a thread going back to 2016 that someone had an issue with modifiers not arranging properly in Square POS.


Basically, I order them to how I want the customer to view the options and that works fine in Square Online. However, when adding the product onto our iPad POS the modifiers are all over the joint, shuffled. My understanding is that there's workarounds however they're not 100% perfect. Ideally I want my modifiers to reflect the same arrangement as it is on Square Online.


This is a vital component of running a kitchen because the modifiers are printed in the same order inputted on the till. The customer is no different to a staff member using the till and ordering from a 'storyboard' and makes sense because the modifiers are ordered online simply because it makes sense and is the first questions you ask when suggesting items or changing them.


It's been nearly 5 years and the feature is still not here. I have had to change my system around so many times because of the lack of functionality and I really would hate to leave Square because of little things like this.

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