Debit Card Chip Reading Timeline in Canada


Is there a timeline for adding chip reading capability to debit card transactions? This is something that our customers want and need. Not everyone had tap technology on their debit cards. 

If this is not scheduled for release, we'll probably have to go back to our regular merchant terminal. 


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Hi @FlourishBarrie


Unfortunately there's no timeline that we're able to share in regards to this. We know how important this is to sellers in Canada, so it's definitely something we're working to prioritize.


Hopefully we can get something implemented sooner rather than later, and if anything new comes up we'll post an update for everyone. 


Thanks for being patient with us thus far. 

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I would like to add my support for this request. We have just brought the contactless card reader into play and are trying to phase out our older debit machine. This would be the final piece to the puzzle as we regularly come across customers that do not have tap or have had it disabled on their debit card.


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Thanks for the feedback @BeachFire! This is definitely something we want to provide to all of our Canadian sellers! 

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Without debit chip reading capability, we can't use the chip/tap reader.  It would have been really nice to know that the chip reader part doesn't work in Canada before ordering the hardware.

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I am also avidly awaiting chip and pin debit processing in Canada! Most of our customers are of an older generation and reluctant to use tap, nor is tap available on our credit union debit cards. The sooner square can integrate this the better!

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When will Square start accepting debit cards without tap?  It is a real nuisance explaining to customers that we can take debit but only if it has tap.  

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Hi @kricklewoodfarm


I've moved your post over to this existing thread, as a few of your fellow sellers had the same question. 


Unfortunately there's nothing that we can share in regards to a timeline or plans, but I want you to know that our Payments team is actively tracking these forums and this request specifically. 


We know this feature would be a huge help to sellers in Canada, and hopefully we can get something rolled out for you all soon. 


Keep an eye out for updates, as we'll be sure to share news around this if anything changes. 

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Thanks, us folks in the great white north would appreciate it!  

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Why is my new card reader not accepting debit cards? This is very frustrating since I just purchased new card reader.

I checked in my phone settings but nothing applies and also on my desktop in the setting on my Mac!

Is debit not accepted in Canada?

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Hello @Katsonn,


We see its your first post in the Seller Community, welcome!


Just to gain a bit of context here, are you referring to the Square Magstripe reader or the Square contactless and chip reader you'd connect via bluetooth?


 Also, what error do you receive if any? I look forward to reading your reply so we can troubleshoot further. 😊




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Hi Frida, Its the small white one that is bluetooth! Do I need the larger reader?

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Thanks for providing insight @Katsonn.


If you are using the Square Magstripe reader, that you'd plug into your phone, or tablet, this device does not have a bluetooth. It is also important to note that if you are using this type of reader with a computer, it will only be compatible with iOS software (i.e. Macbooks and Chrome books). 


The  Square Contactless and Chip reader,  does use bluetooth to connect to a phone and tablet, but is not compatible nor does it have ability to connect to a computer at this time.  


I see you are in Canada 🇨🇦, so there are a few things to keep in mind with regards to processing Interac debit cards:


- With Square, Interac requires NFC (tap) or EMV Chip + PIN (insert); no Magstripe use at POS. Cards can not be swiped. 


- Interac Tap: $100CAD. 


- Interac Insert (Chip + PIN): No transaction limit. PIN Required for transactions over $100


- Offline Mode: Interac payments CANNOT be accepted in Offline Mode


I hope this provides some clarity. If you are still encountering issues, it would be worthwhile to reach out to our Customer Success team via phone as well. 😊


I look forward to your reply! 



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