How to stop cdn2.editmysite.com resources being loaded

My published site has the following code in it:

<link id="wsite-base-style" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="//cdn2.editmysite.com/css/sites.css?buildTime=1531422638" />
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="//cdn2.editmysite.com/css/old/fancybox.css?1531422638" />
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="//cdn2.editmysite.com/css/social-icons.css?buildtime=1531422638" media="screen,projection" />


<script type="text/javascript" src="//cdn2.editmysite.com/js/lang/en/stl.js?buildTime=1531422638&"></script>
<script src="//cdn2.editmysite.com/js/site/main.js?buildTime=1531422638"></script>


<script type="text/javascript" src="//cdn2.editmysite.com/js/lang/en/stl.js?buildTime=1531422638&"></script>

The code loaded from "cdn2.editmysite.com" is large and slow:

main.js?buildTime=1531422638146 KB
main-customer-accounts-site.js?buildTime=1531422638136 KB
sites.css?buildTime=153142263832.7 KB
snowday262.js25.7 KB
snowday261.js25.7 KB
stl.js?buildTime=1531422638&21.7 KB
footerSignup.js?buildTime=15314226382.2 KB
social-icons.css?buildtime=15314226382.2 KB
fancybox.css?15314226381.7 KB

I am not adding this code to my site (as far as I am aware), and if I use Chrome devtools to block the "cdn2.editmysite.com" domain, my site still works.

Why are resources loaded from "cdn2.editmysite.com" and how do I prevent it?


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The silence from Weebly on this is astounding. To casually downplay this issue that is an enormous one for Weebly users is laughable. Unfortunately, not surprised in the slightest and this is not my first issue with them. If I could go back and so it all over again, I'd absolutely use another platform besides Weebly. They just don't give a **bleep**. 

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Yea it's just baffling how few they care about such an important specification. LOADING TIME, as said previously, not only does it affect user experience but also page rankings. Now I care the most about user experience, and if they keep it this way (which they will I know) it COULD be okay if and ONLY if they would properly cache resources. They however DO NOT. One thing for sure will be leaving the weebly platform shortly. I did get a peak of this practice a long time ago like 2 or 3 years. So, since then any new sites are build using other platform building sites or Firebase, which is my current favourite. Getting a free domain, albeit without a .com extension is these days quite possible, you need to manually renew though.

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This is also frustrating me.

I've hacked apart the CSS and small amount of JS that they let us change, but all of these "Render-blocking Resources" persist.

/css/sites.css?buildTime=159…(cdn2.editmysite.com) 29.6 KiB 1,530 ms
…old/fancybox.css?159…(cdn2.editmysite.com) 1.7 KiB 930 ms

/css/social-icons.css?buildtime=159…(cdn2.editmysite.com) 2.2 KiB 930 ms
…en/stl.js?buildTime=159…&(cdn2.editmysite.com) 28.7 KiB 1,530 ms
…site/main.js?buildTime=159…(cdn2.editmysite.com) 143.3 KiB 2,430 ms

I suppose the answer is this:

If you care about page load speed, you already know too much about web development compared to Weebly's target market.

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I optimized my Weebly website speed further - a 100 score on Google PageSpeed (93 on mobile). 


More details about website speed optimization and the full Google Pagespeed reports:

Zigboom Designs - Website Speed.

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@Bernadette @Adam Has someone come up with a solution to this yet? I have spent so much time building my site and just now have come to realize how slow my page loading speeds are. Smiley Sad My top 3 items with unused bites are from cdn2.editmysite.com total 871,040 unused bites just from these three alone. Thanks. 

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Hi @JackieB706 ,

I could optimize your website speed so the overall score should be significantly better.
My Weebly website gets up to 100% on PageSpeed Insights, (93% on mobile).
So, I can bypass the issue, not totally solve it - the files are loaded while the website is fast enough overall.

It seems that the main issue is script files that are related to eCommerce, are getting loaded from the CDN for websites that aren't using eCommerce. 
I'm refering mostly to the -  https://cdn2.editmysite.com/js/site/main-customer-accounts-site.js

I hope Weebly will prevent loading the file when eCommerce is not being used.

It could be easily defined by the website type in the settings - if it's not defined as a shop, the eCommerce scripts should not get loaded.

@Adam please forward this issue to the tech team 🙏

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I optimized my Weebly website's speed up to a score of 99 and 100 on Google and GMetrix (90 on mobile). The optimistic part - it can be done Smiley Happy But .. 

It could be much faster if Weebly did their part.. nearly all the slowness is coming from the mentioned files, and a few more files from cdn2.editmysite.com.

As a developer, I can say that speeding up a Weebly website significantly is not something a normal user could probably do, without resorting to custom code and some less comfortable editing routines. It took a lot of research, tweaking and trial / error. 

Some of the methods I implemented, should have been done by Weebly, definitely.
For example, there is a recommended way to load fonts that scores perfect 0 delay on Google's test, why not use it ? (this is something I have done, but the non techie user will get a big headache trying to do this)
It's just a few lines of code that boost every website's speed significantly ! 

There are some basic mistakes in the way Weebly loads it's resources, including code, images, video etc.

I didn't block / cancel any file from loading, but at least I'm loading them in a better way than the standard, pre-load some, differ others etc.

Looking at Weebly's auto-loaded code (the part we have no control about), it's not using any of the common speed optimization methods - as recommended by Google and others. 

I'm frustrated from Weebly loading unnecessary files and/or unsused code - that is definitely a huge waste - as mentioned here in other comments.
It could be much faster, without sacrificing any functunality ! 

For example, I'm not using the social icons, so why loading their code? can't it be loaded only when a widget is being used ? (OK, not big deal but other files are adding up)
Same for eCommerce, Analytics (I use my own Google Analytics, why do I need Weebly to load another one? ) At least, please make them optional, with a switch that the user can activate. 

Another example is the video background player - I'm using the standard YouTube quality format - as recommended everywhere - processed it myself with a pro video editor - if I upload it through the video player (background video in the header), it doubles it's size 😞

I replaced it with a native video HTML code, there's no need for a custom (heavy loading) video player for few years already - it's supported in HTML5 natively via the <video> tag ! 
Native video is about 4 times faster than Weebly's background video player - it even plays on mobile (Weebly's player doesn't).

Please Weebly Tech Department, let's work on this 🙏 

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can I hire you to make the same changes on our landing page? Weebly are obviously ignoring this issue completely based on the history.

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Yes cjwnz, you're welcome to contact me through the website Zigboom Designs.

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After wasting several full days of work researching and testing every possible page load speed technique I could find, nearly everything I attempted was thwarted by Weebly's limitations. Eventually I stumbled upon this thread and figured I would try this guy Zig out (https://community.weebly.com/t5/user/viewprofilepage/user-id/179087) since he seemed to have experience specifically speeding up Weebly sites. So I looked up his website and contacted him. Long story short, he was AMAZING. We still have some of the same limitations from Weebly (like all the 3rd party scripts and unused garbage they bog our sites down with) but seriously he got my Desktop Speed up to near perfection (fluctuates between 94-100) and mobile up from like 35 (which was the best I could get it) to the 70s. I just took a couple of screenshots today to prove it.

I know this may sound like a fake/shameless plug, but I was seriously so happy with Zig (not only the results, but the communication, sincere interest, going the extra mile, etc) that I proactively asked where I could leave a comment/review for this. So there ya go. Feel free to reply or look me up if you want more info/details.

I love Weebly for how fast and easy it is to make a great looking website (if you aren't terribly concerned about fine customizations) but the limitations are frustrating when you are trying to accommodate Google's changing algorithm. So finding Zig to help bridge that gap was so refreshing!


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Thanks @EricW ! 🙏 

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I also tried out Zig for our website speed (solarisunglasses.com) as I stumbled across this forum, and he did an absolutely amazing job. It may not be a perfect score for mobile, but was improved immensely and is helping our website a lot. I would highly recommend Zig for his work, and his super easy communication with emails.

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Thank you @SolariSunglasse for your comment, and for choosing Zigboom Designs 🙏

It was a pleasure optimizing your Weebly website speed.

Best regards,

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So sad and funny at the same time how they "solve" our issue. Weebly is a complete mess, I regret that I have paid for one year plan some time ago.

Apart from that I have asked for a simple thing here to one guy come and make whole drama...



I supposed Weebly is one of the best services here, but nope. No updates, so user support, no people to work here, all fall down on @Adam only which is do disrespectful. That's probably one of the reasons why sometimes he is trying to avoid the conversation. 

I won't talk about the outdated scripts for JQ and others which involve in the code, they are using one from 2012, WHY?

Complete mess, btw @Zigboom have contacted you on the page for optimization, since I am not able to solve this, I lost more time on getting things to work and to be a bit faster, than I am focused on the site content it self.

This is my site:

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Hi @Paget96,

No worries, I can optimize your website speed. 

I will test your site and get back to you. 

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Zigboom. I reached out to you through your website for www.myxoadventures.com

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@dmilks thanks for reaching out !

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I am having the same problem

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If you had more than one pictures of that clinic starting, then you could for simplicity re-use the middle filename and differentiate each picture inside the set with a numerical cease tag as you can see.

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