What inspired you to start your business? Do you still feel the same way? ☁️

Hello Seller Community! ☀️ 


What inspired you to start your business? Do you still feel the same way? 


You may have noticed in the last couple of weeks that our amazing @Isabelle_ has been posting a weekly question related to best practices, advice and your experience as business owners in the US Seller Community. The response we received so far are incredibly valuable to new business owners, existing business owners, and offers a chance to learn about fellow Seller Community members and their businesses. 


So, we want to try out something new here today - we'd love to hear about what inspired you to start your business and if you still feel the same way about it now?


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Please feel free to reply below with your thoughts and a bit about your business! You can share any websites or social links if you'd like 🙂

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About three years ago my wife, Teri, wanted to knit something using hand-dyed yarn but found the prices were quite high. This inspired her to have a go at doing it herself. She bought some plain yarn and a hand-dyeing kit and was rather pleased with how her efforts turned out so posted a picture on Facebook. This generated some enquiries from people asking if they were for sale. This interest grew so I set her up a Facebook Page. She created colourways from her own ideas and people would send her photos for her to translate into yarn - animals, sunsets, wedding bouquets, all sorts. We decided it would be better to have her own website. I have done website design in the past but not anything including commerce. Not sure how, but I came across Square and thought it might be a good fit with what we needed so set up a Square Online site which worked, and still works, very well. We now send yarn all over the place but mainly UK and America with a few customers In a Australia and New Zealand. Her latest is a colourway called RAF Poppy and a percentage of the profits will go to the RAF Benevolent Fund. 


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Thank you for sharing this @tonydow! It's amazing to hear how a small project can turn into an international endeavour! 🌍


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