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Welcome and hello! 👋 We're so excited to see you!


This group exists for those in the beauty and health industry to connect, share ideas, and help support each other with the unique knowledge and insight that each of you has.


First - say hi and introduce yourself! Share your business with us, tell us a cool customer story, or just talk about a product or service that is really rad! 💅


Second, feel free to use images and gifs, animated or otherwise. A picture is really worth a thousand words in this industry. 


Third, you might want to consider changing your notification settings so you get emails of new posts to the group. It makes it really easy to keep in touch with other members!


And finally, don’t be shy! We’re really happy to have you here and to hear from you!


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I'm so excited for this space and can't wait to learn + meet other beauty industry pros!

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I'm excited, too!!! Super happy that you are here. 😁

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i am excited to see what this site entails 

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Hi!  My name is Amy Tanner and I am a self-employed cosmetologist.  I have been in the hair industry for almost 15 years.  I work in a small setting with a dear friend, we met in hair school.  We were the two of the oldest students that were enrolled at the time.  Amazing how when you go back to school, many years after high school, your grades and determination to be top of the class are your focus!  Any who, I have learned so much outside of the classroom and love what I do.  

My clients are not just friends and family, but they are FAMILY!   They have been with me thru thick and thin.  In December, 2017 I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  My clients were amazing!  They were patient with my appointment changes, schedule changes and my time off.  In April 2018, I had surgery number 2.  Four months later, I had surgery number 3. I ended up having a surgery every 4 months through October 2019. Nine procedures later, my clients stuck with me.  I cannot tell you how amazing that is.  The stress of surgeries and wondering if I would lose client, was a heavy burden.  But thankfully the hung on and waited.  Just as things were getting back to normal, COVID struck and I was shut down for almost 9 weeks.  Again, my clients were patient and understanding with all the changes with the closure.  So to say I have a cool customer story, I have a cool story about ALL of my customers!

I am excited to be a part of this group. I have enjoyed being a part of a couple groups and adding this one is a bonus!  😁

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Welcome to the group, @hairbyamy, and thank you for sharing that with us. The fact that your clients are so loyal speaks volumes about you as a business owner and, more importantly, a person. Glad to have you here! I hope that things are going much better for you. ❤️


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I am in awe of you! I have health issues as well and understand how hard that is trying to remember to take care of yourself and still trying to be there for clients! They truly are family! I am honored to be able to meet you and look forward to connecting!🥰

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Congrats on coming through on the other side of your Cancer Journey!!  

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You are amazing and courageous to work through all of this! 

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HIII, new to seller groups but happy to see the beauty space here as well! I love using square and am hopeful they will improve for us beauty industry users. I'm also a new salon suite owner so I really use square to the fullest for my business.

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Thank you for joining! I hope you'll ask questions as grow your new salon business. 🙂

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I do too! I just added square online as I moved from Squarespace. Though I loved the platform, convenience and ease are my top priorities right now. Which square does a fantastic job of! Do you use their appointments app? If so, do you want to share anything that helps to organize the services? I struggle with that as I have a long list and there isn’t any categories available to sort them out into.

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Hi!  My name is Tyra Lacy and I’m about to launch Homestead Body Care - my own line of bath, body and beard care products out of Texas.  I’m very new to Square but loving it all so far. ♥️

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Welcome to the group and to Square! 😁👋

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Congratulations!  Let us know more about your processes and how Square is helping!

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Hi!  I'm a mobile hairstylist in Ontario, Canada.  I go to my clients' homes to do cuts, colours, perms, etc.  Most of my clientelle is seniors with mobility issues and moms with kids at home, so they can send the kids to the next room while they wait for their turn for a haircut.  It's a lot of equipment to bring with me all the time, so I'm not sure how long I'll physically be able to do this, but I feel so good about helping people that couldn't otherwise have their hair done at all.

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I bet people love being able to get their hair done at home! I imagine that does involve bringing quite a lot around with you. Maybe you could make a new post to the group, describe your current mobile setup, and for thoughts on how to streamline it or make it more mobile-friendly?

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I wish I could be mobile... I can with massage, but not with esthetics in my state.

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I love this option! I have a physical space where I do most my work but do let my clients in need know that I can come to them too! It does present a huge challenge with all the equipment needed. Keep up the great work! 

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I do the same thing here in California.  I also work at an assisted living and memory care facility.  I have been doing hair for over 45 years. 

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Hi everyone! My name is Jess and I have a hair studio (Jess Poynter Style) just north of Seattle, WA. 
I had a VERY roundabout way of getting into the beauty industry, but now I can't imagine my life any other way! I just recently (Mar 2020) moved my life from CA to WA, and what a transition it was! But, once again, it just feels so right up here! 

I have to say, I can't really talk about one cool client because I truthfully love ALL of the clients I've gained up here. It really feels like I'm just hanging out with friends all day at work. However, I think one of the things I love about this industry is our ability to connect with people through various phases of life. I'm still getting notes from my former clients back in CA! Love this industry! 

In terms of awesome service or product, I have to say I love my Goldwell color! I'm a self-proclaimed hair nerd and the amount of science and technology that Goldwell puts into their color and lighteners is fascinating. The fact that now, though, I have clients telling me their hair has never felt better makes this career all the more exciting! 

I can't wait to connect with more of you on here, especially you estheticians! I'm fascinated by skincare and new procedures! 

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