How to Refer New Businesses to Square: Square's Referral Program



You may have heard about Square's referral program. With one link you can refer friends and other business owners to Square - and you'll both earn rewards.


Read on to learn how to participate in Square's referral program.


How can I get free processing with Square’s referral program?


You can receive free processing by inviting your friends and other businesses to join Square using your referral link


For each person who activates their account using your referral link, you’ll receive reimbursements on your processing fees for the next $1,000 in sales over the next 180 days (6 months). 


Once they activate their account, your friends will also receive $1,000 free processing.


How can I refer businesses to Square?


To refer a business to Square simply share your referral link with them. You can find the link on your the Square Point of Sale app or from your online Square Dashboard.


To locate your referral link from the Point of Sale app: 

  1. From the navigation menu, select Support > Get Free Processing.
  2. Press Share Link to send your referral link to a recipient.


To locate your referral link from your Dashboard: 

  1. Log in to your online Square Dashboard, click Account & Settings.
  2. To access your referral link > click Get Free Processing
  3. Share your unique link on Twitter and/or Facebook, or simply copy and paste it in any social media status or emails to friends.




Note: Currently referrals can only be made within the same country in which your business is located. This means for example, if you’re a Canadian business, only new businesses in Canada will be able to use your referral link to activate their account and get the rewards. 


Additionally, each person you refer must be new to Square with no prior account and must complete their registration through your unique link for both of you to receive the free processing offer.

🧾 Adding referral link to your receipt: You can also add the referral link to your receipts by clicking Receipt from Account & Settings and tick the box next to Show Referral Link > Save.


How can I see how much free processing I have left?


You can view your free processing balance from the Get Free Processing section of your online Square Dashboard. Each time a new business activates an account through your link, you’ll also receive an email!


Note: Once you’ve processed $1,000 in payments or 180 calendar days have passed (whichever happens first), you’ll be automatically charged your usual per-transaction fee going forward


I have free processing but I’m still being charged transaction fees. Why?


Free processing reimbursements are applied on a per-transaction basis and are automatically grouped with your next transfer. You’ll still see the fee in your Sales Reporting and on your Balance tab, but you’ll see the reimbursement line item as well. 


For example:


  • If you use the reader to charge a customer $100, Square’s fee of 1.75% will be applied to the payment. However, you will receive the full amount, $100, since your fees are reimbursed at the time of transfer.
  • The payment total of $100 will be deducted from your free processing balance.


If you have any questions please let us know!


Seller Community Manager, Square

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