Can't use business email addresses. Really?

Long story short (after first being told I'd have to go to Google and adjust my DKIM and SPF records), I've learned that I have to use a gmail.com address in my profile or all my order confirmation and customer contact emails will end up in spam or be flagged as suspect. My business email addresses are through G Suite/WorkStation! Square Online promotes signing up for G Suite! (I already had my Google accounts set up before creating a Square Online site.) Not to be able to use a company email address with my company url seems ridiculous. I've used Square for invoicing for awhile, but this doesn't seem like a proper e-commerce platform....

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Have you: 

  • Checked your Spam/Junk folder?
  • Checked it's sending to the correct email?
  • Made sure these domains are listed as 'safe': @squareup.com, @messaging.squareup.com,  @Communications.squareup.com?

Please also whitelist the following email addresses by adding them to your contacts:

  • hello@weebly.com
  • noreply@weebly.com
  • no-reply@weebly.com
  • hello@emails.weebly.com
  • noreply@promote.weebly.com
  • no-reply@ editmysite.com  (no space, space present to avoid auto-linking and bad HTML)

If you've added all the emails above and the emails are still not being sent through to your inbox or spam folder, the next step would be to contact your email provider directly as emails might be blocked or delayed by them.

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Yes, some of the messages went to my spam folder. Another order confirmation email came through with big red warnings not to click on anything. That's the point. I was testing my online store. Should I put a warning on the page to all potential customers to add my email address to their approved list before ordering? These are email addresses set up through my G Suite/Workspace account -- so aliases of my gmail.com address. I use them for all my other business dealings/transactions with no problems but they can't run through the Weebly system -- I'm told I have to use the naked gmail.com address.

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 I am also seeing the same issue... THIS IS A SQUARE ONLINE issue... Where are your SPF and DKIM setting tech notes for weebly/sendgrid ????  if Square is sending Order Confirmation email as my domain, unless it's setup properly, it will ALWAYS appear to be spam and be dropped.  


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