Top 6 inquiries from new sellers!

Here are some of the top inquiries from the newly signed up sellers!


1. Linking your bank account

2. Deposit Schedule

3. Accepted Card brands and Square’s Fee

4. Digital Receipt

5.Manage your location and receipt information

6. When a transaction is declined

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1. Linking your bank account

Link your bank account from Square Dashboard to have your money deposited from Square. We understand that this process can be tricky for non-Japanese speakers as this has to be done in Japanese. Here are some tips to help you link your bank account successfully.


  • Account Holder’s Name: The bank account holder’s name should be filled in with either katakana or alphabet, exactly as shown in your bankbook. Please confirm your bank account details in your bankbook.
  • Account Type: If your bank account type is “普通” (Futsuu), please select [Savings] and if it is “当座” (Touza), please select [Checking].
  • Bank: Please select your bank from the drop-down menu. Most major banks are listed at the top, but if you cannot find your bank from the list, please select [other]. You can then type in the name of your bank in Japanese to select your proper bank.
  • Branch: Once your bank is selected, the list of branches will be displayed. Again please choose your proper branch that is written in your bankbook. Alternatively, you can type in the branch name in Japanese.
  • Account Number: Type in your 7 digit bank account number. If your account number is less than 7 digits, please add 0(s) at the beginning of your account number.
  • Confirm Account Number: Please type in your account number again to confirm.

Once you finish filling out your bank account information, we will then make a 1 JPY transfer to your account in order to verify the account information. This verification process takes approximately 4 to 5 business days and you will receive an email from Square once the bank account gets verified. Please keep an eye on your inbox from our email.

*If you have multiple locations on your account, you are required to link a bank account for each location.


2. Deposit Schedule

Once you have successfully linked your bank account, your sales will be deposited in accordance with the deposit schedule. In Japan, there are two deposit schedules depending on the bank you linked.


  • みずほ銀行 (Mizuho Bank) or 三井住友銀行 (SMBC): Funds will be deposited the next business day.

入金スケジュール-03 (1).png


  • Other Banks: Funds are deposited every Friday. This includes the sales from Thursday through next Wednesday.


Please note that funds are deposited within the scheduled day. If you cannot confirm the deposit in the morning, we recommend you to check your account again around 3 pm on the same day.


3. Accepted Card brands and Square’s Fee

After you receive an email titled ようこそ、Squareへ” (Welcome to Square), your account has been verified with Square. Now you can accept VISA/ Mastercard / American Express credit cards. *

Square’s processing fees are deducted from the transaction amount before funds are deposited to your linked bank account. Your fee will be between 3.25% to 3.75% of the total transaction amount according to the payment method and card brand used.


*In order to accept JCB/Diners Club/Discover, JCB Co., Ltd will conduct another screening process. This screening process will take about 3 to 7 business days from registration and your result will be notified via email. You can check the status of this process by accessing locations. Please note that even if you failed to pass JCB Co., Ltd’s screening, you can continue to accept VISA/ Mastercard / American Express.


Square fee Chart:Pricing Table 3_ EN.pngUpdated on April 2024 


4. Digital Receipt

Currently, Digital Receipts can only be issued in Japanese. Please note even if your location settings or the browser settings have been set to English, the UI of digital receipts will not be displayed in English.


5. Manage your location and receipt information

Edit your location name properly so it will be shown on customers’ credit card statement and digital receipts. Be sure to use the location name which customers would instantly recognize. This is particularly important as customers could be filing a dispute if they see an unfamiliar company name on their credit card statement.


  • Store Name to Display on Receipt: Enter your location name
  • Store Name (Katakana): This is mandatory to fill your location name in katakana. This is for the Japanese credit card statement.
  • Store Name (English alphabet): This is mandatory to fill your location name in the English alphabet. This is for overseas credit card statement.




6. When a transaction is declined

When a transaction with a credit card (with accepted card brands) is declined, this is done by the credit card issuer. Please note that no specific reason will be provided to Square or sellers as this is a cardholders’ private information. The cardholder must contact the card issuer directly if they would like to know the reason. When a transaction is declined, please ask your customers to provide other credit card or accept the payment with other tenders.


If you have other inquiries...🙋

・Post your questions in English on English Speakers thread

・You can email us to in English or call us on a toll-free number of 0120-117-042 (opens from 10 am to 6 pm / every day except for year-end and occasional holidays).


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