Attention: English Speakers in Japan



We understand that when you access this page in Japan, the menus and interfaces are displayed in Japanese, which may not be helpful for you. 😣


If you have a JP Square account and have English as your preferred language in your account settings, you can view this page in English. To do so, please sign in with your account from the top right corner of this page where it says “サインイン” (Sign in).


How to change your language settings


Unfortunately, if the content is written in Japanese, it will not automatically translate into English. However we have created a thread specifically for the English users who have Square accounts in Japan. Here is the dedicated thread for you: English Speakers


Since Support Center articles are only written in Japanese, we are aware that many of you refer to the articles on the US Support Center instead. Please note that Square accounts in the US and Japan have different features, functions, and regulations, which makes articles in US Support Center may not apply to your JP account.


If you have any inquiries, please feel free to post your questions in English on English Speakers thread so that other sellers in Japan who prefer English as their language can view them too!


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