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FR: Integrate with GoCardless to provide a Direct Debit payment option

Feature Request: Integrate with GoCardless to provide a Direct Debit payment option inside Square Invoices




Alternatively, provide native Direct Debit payment options.


Thank you

Alex Jessey
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I’m just gonna put it out there as this has sat for a week without anyone commenting….. 

Square provides the invoicing as an extra free service to support the card processing business - if they then outsourced the money movement why would they offer the invoicing? 

On my invoices I have a standard note with by business bank details if they want to make a bank transfer. 

You can set up repeat payments, or even ask your customers to save their card details within Square & (with their permission) you can charge their card as invoices become due. 

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I agree with @amjessey. I would love it if Square offered a direct debit system! We're going to be starting up subscriptions soon so that customers (and we) can "set it and forget it." Go Cardless is one of the options that has been recommended to me by a business contact and I am considering it, simply because Square doesn't offer it to its customers currently. I would much prefer to stay with one provider that can meet all of my customer's needs. Thanks!

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Hi @400º 


Thank you for your reply.


We use Square Retail Plus for processing all our sales. We offer our clients the option of paying by credit card, bank payments, standing order and direct debits. The last two are important as we offer a subscription service for our services. Our clients have told us they want to pay by direct debit. Xero, is software we could run all our sales through but choose not to because we prefer Square's customer deposits on invoices functionality (something which Xero does not offer). GoCardless integrates with Xero. The benefits to Square would be the more ways a client can pay (without having to leave Square) makes it easier for him and us and therefore makes Square more appealing overall. The money they would not gain in transaction fees would be offset by the the increased appeal of the platform, and therefore an increased customer base. Square does not gain fees from cheque or cash sales but still offer it as a means of processing payments as it enhances the usefulness of the platform and therefore attracts more customers to them.


Thank you.  

Alex Jessey
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Unrelated, but maybe the acquisition of Afterpay (known as Clearpay in the UK) could lead to native direct debit functionality. 



Alex Jessey
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