Does Square prompt you to deduct tare weight when using the integrated scale?

I've called into support and am having trouble getting an answer to this question. All of our products are pay-by-weight and we need the capability to deduct the tare weight of the container from the total weight after weighing it on the integrated scale. This is the only way that this scale would make any sense for our business, so I can't justify making the purchase without knowing the answer to this question. I don't see "tare weight" mentioned anywhere in any articles or product descriptions, so I'm a bit worried that this software just doesn't have that capability, but I am hopeful!

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Re: Feature Request: Tare Weight Function

We are a bulk store and found a scale that had a tare function---where we can type in the weight of the container and hit tare, and it only gives us the weight of whats inside the container for entering on Square. This works for our zero waste store!



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If we take a look at this scale in the Square Shop, there is a Tare button on the bottom right-hand side of the face of the scale. This is the button you'll use to tare out the weight of a container prior to weighing the product to be sold.

I used to work at a loose leaf tea shop, where we had a big scale that we used to weigh out teas into varying sizes of containers. Sometimes, we used the Tare function before filling containers with tea - we typically did this for oddly shaped containers that we didn't have presets for. Most of the time, we used a couple of preset Tare buttons that we had set up on the scale itself. 


If you already know the weight(s) of your container(s), the preset Tare weight sounds like it's the feature you're looking for. You are able to input 5 different preset Tare weight values using this scale. If you set up preset Tare weight values, you will be able to deduct the weight of the container from the total weight of what's on the scale by using a button on the scale.


If your customers are bringing in containers of all shapes and sizes, you would follow the same steps I followed with oddly shaped containers at the tea shop. @LocavoreStore similarly explained how a yogurt shop would ring up yogurt in a container without charging customers for the container here

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We are a bulk store and found a scale that had a tare function---where we can type in the weight of the container and hit tare, and it only gives us the weight of whats inside the container for entering on Square. This works for our zero waste store!



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We just spent two days of vital time trying to find the answer to this very question. We just purchased a nice $500 scale off Squares website and it does not seem to do much other than accurately weigh individual tares. Software like Filljoy is vital to any refillery or bulk store! Come on Square- get on the tare game!

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We have run into this same thing and I'm happy we are not alone!  I don't know why this seems to be so difficult to explain to Square's customer service.


We are looking into FillJoy as well... We used Revel before and it was compatible with a really nice Honeywell scale that allowed us to manually subtract tares.  If there was a scale available (similar to a butcher's scale) that is compatible with Square, I would return the Brecknell in a heartbeat.


I second this notion:  Come on Square, get on the tare game!  Also worth noting, Canadian Square software is behind in the US software it seems.  We are waiting on Betas for certain features (like forward-facing display that you don't have to spin)

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The new update still doesn't allow for a manual tare weight to be deducted from the weight of the item when using a connected scale. Is this in the works?

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Hi @Daniel72002- I moved your post to this thread where some chat about tare weight is discussed and how to implement. Hoping this helps.

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That's fine, I have work arounds and a current way to do it. I just was making it known that with an update that seems like something Square would have added. $500 scale, $800 register, yet the software still doesn't have a simple button to deduct tare weight manually.

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@Daniel72002would you share your work arounds? It is shameful how the industry has failed to address taring.

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We simply write the tare weight down, weight the item and product and take it off. With scale connected and no weight on it, you are able to type in the weight manually, so we calculate weight of product and type it in. If not busy we will tare weight, have customer fill up container and then weight like it's designed to do.

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Yes, would you mind sharing those work arounds with me as well. 

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Unfortunately, none of these solutions work in a fast-paced shop. The discount method messes up inventory count, and the manual tare on the scale is too slow and clunky for any shop doing volume.

Apparently Square does not see this feature as a priority for them. With all the other amazing features Square has, not having this simple tare function is a deal-breaker.

With the exponential growth of zero-waste shops Square is really missing out on a huge market. They basically have an open field to capture all these new merchants if they implemented this function. Until Square implements this all merchants are relegated to legacy systems 😞

If you have a zero waste shop and are looking for a POS, comment here so Square knows that you would like this feature.

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Can you hook one scale to two square terminals?

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Hi @cornettfarmfres! At this time, you can only connect one scale to each device. If you need to use multiple scales, you can connect one scale to each device you have via Bluetooth. Learn more about supported scales.

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So I can bluetooth one scale to two square registers?


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Unfortunately, no, Only one bluetooth device can be paired to a register at a time. 

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We've been using Deli Label. It integrates beautifully with Square and solves the issues we've had getting Square to work with the scales and label printing at our farm market. https://www.delilabel.app

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That is really interesting; thanks! Will this work if we just need to back out the tare for the yogurt cups and just see the "tareless" price on the POS? We don't need to print labels. 

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We are a bulk food store, looking for integration with scales to square register.

Square register does not have the ability to tare off weights (through the register) of customers containers. 
At this stage, we have to weigh the customers empty container (write the weight on their container), then they fill up their product, the filled container is then weighed, then we have to manually deduct the weight and input this subtracted weight into square and sell buy weight. - This leaves room for error from staff who subtract incorrectly. 

This is a lengthy process and not suitable for when busy or high turnover.

Please integrate scales to square register and custom tare weights please square, or we will have to choose another system!

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I hear you  - I am in the exact same situation. Let's hope Square implements this in an upcoming release. Surely it can't be a complicated feature!!

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Hi all,


Given that Square does not have a tare feature, here are a couple solutions that might be helpful:  


1. There are actually other scales that are compatible with Square besides the official ones they list on their site and some of these scales allow you to enter a tare weight directly into the scale itself. Here's a video: https://youtu.be/PgD9AVUQmF0


If you're in the US, we can try to help you source a compatible scale with the correct components. If you're international, we still might be able to help.


2. Our company Filljoy has developed a weighing app to serve fast-paced bulk / refill / zero waste stores which streamlines tare deduction and also integrates with Square. We have many retail stores currently depending on it as part of their weighing and checkout workflow (currently available in North America). 


If you're interested in either of the above, please send us an email at hello@filljoy.co

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I own a bulk food store - and this is a super critical component of the POS that we desperately need. 

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Hey @pantrygoods 👋 Welcome to the Seller Community!


I would suggest taking a look at this Best Answer by @Valentina it might shed some light in regards to this. Please let me know if you have any additional feedback or questions.

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