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Feature Request: sku search in Transactions

I see in the boards that there are several Feature Requests for the ability to search by SKU for various functions within Square.  However I don't see one for searching by SKU in Transactions.  Our business would find this a huge help as searching by Item Name is a cumbersome process given that we need an exact match and many of our product names are quite involved.  I know we can copy/paste the Item's Name, but that almost always involves looking for the product by its SKU to find the name.  We generally have to look for that item in our accounting software and hope that we haven't changed its name in Square for some reason.


In fact, why not make this Feature Request more general, and make it for the ability to search by SKU for any function that involves Items?

Judy T Shumway
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@GlassJudy coming in with the hot takes 🔥


This definitely makes sense. Searching for items individually after doing a search for the item name sounds way more involved than copying and pasting the SKU.


Thanks for the request! You know the drill here -  I will get the eyes of our Product Teams on it. Hopefully we can get some good traction here.

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This is imperative.  We just switched from Intuit POS to Square.  All of our items are tagged using a four digit sku for lookup in POS.  We have volunteers doing checkout so they don't know the items well enough to search accurately by description.  They have all been trained to enter the 4 digit sku in the transaction screen.  We started with Square Online due to needing to close our shop for the pandemic.  We added Square Register because we are operating the shop and online now from the same inventory and could not keep the inventory reconciled.  We can search by SKU in the Square online order screen and get to the item to add it to an order and had no reason to believe we would not be able to do this in Retail.  Now we find we cannot do the same when creating a Transaction on Square Register.  This is simply ridiculous.  Cloud and "hardware" based functionality needs to be the same.  We would have kept Intuit POS had we known we could not do a simple "lookup" function with a four digit sku code in Square Register.  We are very upset to have lost such basic functionality and yet be paying the same price as we were for Intuit POS.  Step up your game or we'll be going right back to Intuit and find another way to handle our online orders.

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Hello @SummitSpirit


Thanks for providing details on how this feature would be useful to you and other sellers. I agree that this function should be considered to help our Square sellers with efficiency. 


We are happy to pass this on to our Product Teams for more visibility. 


Thanks for your feedback. 

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Absolutely needed!

I see this was posted March of 2020, so it appears no one else believes that is important.

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I fixed this by using the .csv import feature to merge the sku and variation (used for sizes in our case) into one column.  Now the Register will find the sku when entered as the four digit code.  Give me enough time to play around in a data base and I will find a way to trick it into doing what I need, just wish I didn't have to do the development work the coders are getting paid for - 'sigh'!

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