Updating your Apple device to iOS 12 and later

Hi Seller Community,


I want to announce that iOS 11 is now deprecated on Square devices. We recommend all sellers use iOS 12 at a minimum, or update to the latest version of iOS. Delivering the best software and payment experience is important to us, and this change will enable us to do so. 


What does this mean for sellers using iOS 11?

Sellers can still operate on iOS 11 but they may not have the most optimized experience with Square devices. New releases of the Square Point of Sale app will only be available on devices running iOS 12 and later. You can still accept payments and run your business as usual using iOS 11, but to continue to take advantage of the latest features and new products, we recommend updating iOS on your device.


You can view supported devices from the compatibility page, or learn how to update your device software on an iOS device.


If you have any questions, please let us know below!

Gestora de la Comunidad de Vendedores / Seller Community Manager, Square
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