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So...I have to say, it really sucks that square does not offer "push notification" on the current app.  The app they have is more geared towards those that use the equipment rather than online sales.  I have had some issue with this and I am looking for alternatives.  I know there are apps out there that will allow for push notifications on your phone for those app's that are "lagging behind in times" (yes like square).  It bugs me so much that they have notification texting for our customers but not for our sellers.  Live push notifications are very important to many who sell online.  I am a "made to order" business and I have way too much "junk" going to my emails that it is easy for "orders" to get lost in the mix.  So...before I pack up and move everything over to a new website provider, I am thinking of looking at external apps that might help with this.  Anyone know of any?  Anyone else needing/wanting the push notification as much as I do??  Thanks in advance.

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Hey @DigitzbyDesign,


Thank you for reaching out and sharing your feedback. 


The Square Point of Sale app can send you notifications for online orders. To turn this on your app, tap More > Settings > Orders > Alerts

From here you can turn on and customise the frequency of alerts for online orders. 


I hope this helps! 


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