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All Printers Disconnect

We have been having issues at shows where all of a sudden, all of the printers that are not connected to the Square Stand - all disconnect - for no reason. We have everything Square running off of a private network that our IT person has set-up - and to say it was stressful, would be an understatement.


Our set-up includes:


2 Square Stand with receipt printers connected

1 ethernet receipt printer

2 KDS iPads


I had everything set-up and things were working as we expected. BBQ category sales would print at the stand when entered. Food categories would go to the kitchen. Cafe items would display on the KDS in the cafe and the 2nd KDS would display all bar orders. All was going great - until we started the 2nd show - when the kitchen printer and both KDS went off-line.


Our IT guy was there and confirmed that everything was connecting to the network correctly as he could see each items IP address being used.


We powered down both of the KDS iPads (both running the latest iOS) and restarted them - to no avail. We even tried the restarting of the stand iPads - and this too did not work.


We ended up having to turn on printing for all categories at the printers attached to the stands - which then the other printer and KDS displays started to work as they were displaying or printing earlier in the evening. A huge waste of paper - which is why we invested in KDS iPads, to begin with.


Why would this happen? We are noticing this now more often, now that we are using FreshKDS system...


Please advise.



James Wilkinson
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