[Improvement] Announcing Some Exciting Updates to the Payment Methods Report

Hi Sellers!


We introduced some new exciting updates to the Payment Methods Report. You can now get a clearer view of your payments: 


  • Card payments are categorized by debit vs credit, and by card brand such as Visa or Mastercard.
  • Checks will be shown as a separate payment method instead of being lumped with ‘Other’.
  • Meal Vouchers will also be represented as a separate category instead of being part of ‘Other’ payments.
  • Payments charged to House Accounts will be represented as well. 
    • The House Accounts row in the table will represent the deferred payments charged to House Accounts. 
    • Payments for House Accounts Invoices will be represented under the type of payment methods that were used to pay for the invoice. 


Along with these improvements, we've made your experience even better by introducing new, easily accessible filters, fixing export functionality bugs, and delivering a faster report load. Get ready for a seamless and efficient payment tracking experience!



Checkout out these improvements in your Dashboard!

Square Champion



This is great! It’s wonderful having this much data at our fingertips. 

However, it’s not so much on mobile…


Hopefully this report can be formatted better for mobile devices?

Beta Member

I'm excited to see the additional detail, when is that going to be available? I just went to take a look and I don't see the new features yet.

Square Champion

I've only reviewed the updated report on a desktop computer and can't speak to the usability issues Ryan experienced on mobile.

I appreciate the added granularity and that it is optional - it doesn't take away from the simplicity of the report. Thank you for these improvements!


This should be available today! Apologies for the delay. 

I have found two problems with the Payment Methods screen:


When I select the option to list the results by Device Nickname, most of the sales are shown as "No Device Name". This works properly with the other reports, all show sales on the proper devices and nothing is shown as "No Device Name".


The Payment Methods screen is formatted improperly in Windows if the windows setting in System>Display for scale is set to 125%. That is the default setting for my laptop and others that I've seen with high-definition displays (1920x1200 in my case). When the scale is set to 125%, the right side of the report is cut off and you can't scroll to it. I don't see this problem with the other reports screens.

Beta Member

One thing I noticed today is I can't do the same configurations when using this report when making a Custom Report, it would be nice if it carried over to custom reporting as well.


Thank you for bringing this to our attention @Gooney !
We have fix the issue with the print yesterday and it should be back to normal behavior. 
We are working on a fix for the Device name and should have it available soon. Thank you for your patience and feedback!


Thank you for your message, @LLCafe !
I can definitely see how propagating this data to custom reports can be beneficial. At this time in order for us to start exposing more information about payments data, we had to temporarily decouple it from the custom report.

We are actively working to make our reports more customizable and would love to learn more about your use of these reports. Would you be open for a chat? 

Beta Member


Square Champion

I can't wait to check out the new updated feature.  Will it also show if someone paid with Amex or a gift card as well?

Beta Member

Any way to have the reports separating Uber and Doordash from "Others"? This would help a lot!

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