[Migration Required] KDS Sellers Must Switch to Android

Hi Sellers, 👋


This is a reminder that Square KDS on iOS is being retired. As of June 28, 2024, you will no longer be able to view or complete order tickets on the iOS app. If you use our kitchen display system on an iPad, please begin your move to Android. 


How to move forward:

Hear how migration is going for other Square KDS customers:


"We have 21 active KDS devices at two different restaurant locations in Ithaca, NY. We were on iPads before, and had no issues at all moving over to Android. The transition was smooth as silk and we're loving the fact that there are so many new features!"


- Kevin Sullivan, Founder of ITH Hospitality


“We found transitioning from the iPad app to the Android app to be very smooth. All the features that I knew from iPad - those were now on my Android device. And then from there, we ended up getting new capabilities over time to help our kitchen staff to operate more efficiently.”


- Director of Marketing & IT at Lafrance Hospitality


See Android devices in action


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Get Started with Android KDS today. 


Reasons to Move to Square KDS on Android:


Stay on the Same App Experience You’re Already Using

No onboarding with a new partner, dealing with different support, or re-training your staff. You’ll experience the same app, just enhanced with new feature options.


Help Your Staff Stop Squinting with Larger Screen Options

Get brand-new flexibility to see larger tickets and more at once — something a small iPad screen cannot offer. 


Save on Long-Term Hardware Replacement Costs

Our 10” Android device is $199 versus $329 for an iPad. Once the day comes that you need to replace the device(s) currently in your kitchen, you will save $130 per device. >> Purchase a 10” Android Device Today with Free Shipping


“We moved from iPads to Android devices quickly, because we did not want to forget the sunset date. The whole process has been seamless for our bartenders, servers, and kitchen staff— no need to retrain, and our team appreciates the same app experience. We swapped 9 devices across two locations in just a few days, and we’ve been able to reduce our quantity of active KDS devices with the larger screen option.”


Pavel Sirotin, CEO of Bevri


Want more information on Square KDS on Android? 

Check out our Help Center overview for more information. And feel free to contact our team with any questions by emailing support@squareup.com


Committed to staying on your iPad? 

We are happy to announce that we have selected Fresh KDS as our preferred partner if you wish to stay on iOS for your kitchen display system. 

Contact Fresh KDS.




What iPad models can the Fresh KDS app be installed and used on? 

Any iPad with iOS 13 or above. 


Where can I see a list of all of Fresh KDS features? 

We recommend that you visit Fresh KDS’s pricing page and click to “View All Plan Features” to see what comes with each plan. 


What features would I gain? Are there any limitations to be aware of?

Your experience with Fresh KDS will be mostly the same features as Square KDS, just with a different user experience. So once you activate your Fresh KDS account and get your team trained on using a new app on your iPad(s), you can expect to see the same product functionality, with the exception of 86-ing items from your KDS screen and viewing All Day Counts for items (Fresh KDS currently lacks these features). For new features on Fresh KDS that you do not currently have with Square KDS, you can expect to see bump bar support, customized SMS notifications, and text responses to the kitchen to notify of a customer’s arrival. If you are ever unsure of what platform is the best fit for you, please contact your Square account manager or reach out to our team at support@squareup.com


What does Fresh KDS cost? 

Fresh KDS has three pricing tiers and is offering 2 months free for Square customers who want to keep their iPad and transition over. With the two months free, you would provide your credit card information upfront and not be billed until 60 days later. Please note: the listed pricing on the Fresh KDS website of $15/month for the Essentials plan and $20/month for the Premium Plan is part of an annual, upfront payment plan with Fresh KDS. After your two month trial expires, you would be charged upfront for the next full year, unless you choose monthly billing, in which case you would experience increased pricing. Also, you should be aware that if you have five or more active devices, you will need to purchase the Unlimited plan which is billed at $109/month/location (paid annually) or $89/month (paid monthly) for an unlimited device count. 


How fast does Fresh KDS typically onboard new sellers? 

Fresh KDS can onboard sellers same-day, in as fast as 15-30 minutes. Learn more here. Additionally, as part of our preferred partnership, Fresh KDS is offering Square KDS ipad users an added layer of support with dedicated onboarding calls, if desired. 


What would migration to Fresh KDS look like? Would I have to set up my own devices? 

While you have the option to do self-setup if you prefer it, as part of this preferred partnership, you also have access to a personalized, 1:1 onboarding call with a Fresh KDS team member. Once you are ready to connect with Fresh KDS, please fill out this form to kick off the process. 


What level of support does Fresh KDS provide to customers?

Fresh KDS provides 24/7/365 support via chat as well as on-demand call booking through chat for English-speaking customers. They also have an extensive help center


What languages does Fresh KDS support?

The Fresh KDS app supports English, French, Spanish, and German and applies to app settings as well as on-screen order cards. Language localization is defaulted as the system language, but can be changed. When it comes to order cards, the information displayed can be in any language that Square POS sends. This includes languages with special characters. 


What countries does Fresh KDS support?

The Fresh KDS mobile app is supported in all countries, with native language support in English, German, French, and Spanish. The app will default to the language set on a device. The team is also adding new language support with future enhancements. 


What orders can I expect to see come through to a Fresh KDS screen? 

All of your orders that currently come through to your Square POS and show on your Square KDS screen. 


Should I be aware of any support differences if I choose to go to Fresh KDS? 

The 24/7/365 support offered by Fresh KDS is chat-based and English-only, with the ability to book a call from there. If you currently use Square KDS as a RST Plus subscriber, this will be different from the call-in support you are used to. If you use Square KDS as part of a KDS Standalone product at $20/month, this will be an added level of support for you. 


I have more than one iPad on Square KDS. How can Fresh KDS help with my migration? 

If you are determined to stay on your iPad, the Fresh KDS team is committed to walking you through migration and making this process as seamless as possible. Contact them here


I have more than one location. Can you walk me through the onboarding process?

Fresh KDS is set up by location, so each of yours can be set up and managed independently without issue. Reporting and analytics are also available by site. Learn more here.

I want to learn more about Fresh KDS. How can I get a demo and talk to their team? 

Great! You can connect with the Fresh KDS team here.


I’m interested in moving forward. What are the next steps and how do I get started? 

Please fill out your information here.

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Super Seller

I wanted to jump in and add our experience with the conversion (we are slowly moving over).  We chose to go a slightly different route and we traded in our older 2017 & 2018 9.7" ipads to a 3rd party reseller like gazelle or backmarket.  We found we could get 80-100$ trade in credit or even cash for our ipads that we no longer planned to use (we have moved to the 2nd generation square stand and are using the 10.2" ipad there).  We found that there are plenty of samsung A8 refurbished tablets that you can swap for the ipads with trade ins for very little cost.  Caveat Emptor:  We chose to go with a refurbisher with a good track record and 30 day warranty to ensure we had great devices. 


Not to take away from the great deal square is offering and their outstanding support for hardware they sell, but this is aimed at the naysayer, doomsday looker, square made me mad crowd that hates change or needs to be on a strict budget.  Yes, I can be like that too and I love all of the square community, even the people who never agree with me.


What I recommend for the most seamless and easy change is to go ahead and buy 1 new Samsung A8 or preferred device of your choice (just make sure it has enough memory and runs android 9 or later).  From there, swap it with 1 ipad device and do a trade in or sell and buy a refurbished or new unit.  If that satisfies you, then you can pull the plug and do all the kds tablets or just keep doing 1 at a time each week or 2 till you are all transitioned before you know it.  It is extremely easy.  I have 8 KDS displays over different stores and this was easy for me to plan out.


1 advantage to the android OS is that you can easily mirror your tablet screen to a TV that has a chromecast or chromecast built in and give yourself a super display in your kitchen.


The only other thing I need is bump bar support in the android square KDS!


(Fresh KDS is good software and what I used before Square KDS and would gladly use either one)



Your friendly neighborhood super seller/tech nerd.  Donnie

Multi-Unit Manager
Order Up Cafe/Tombras Cafe/Riverview Cafe/City County Cafe
Roddy Vending Company, Inc.

Using Square since July, 2017
Square Super Seller
Square Beta Team

"Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment."

"You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want." Z.Z.
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Hi! Quick question, so any Android tablet would work as long as is 9+? How much is enough memory? 

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Super Seller

@FKiki I tried an older samsung with 4gig I think and it works, but the experience isn't stellar..you get lagging and stuttering.  I think it has most to do with the processor and being newer.  If it wasn't a native android 9+ and was upgraded it just won't do as good.

Multi-Unit Manager
Order Up Cafe/Tombras Cafe/Riverview Cafe/City County Cafe
Roddy Vending Company, Inc.

Using Square since July, 2017
Square Super Seller
Square Beta Team

"Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment."

"You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want." Z.Z.
Do you want to have great restaurant menus that are easy to edit and don't cost a fortune? I use MustHaveMenus and you can too!
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