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This is your hub to learn about Square's new releases and changes to your devices. Select a post to read more and feel free to leave a comment or ask a question! To be notified of all new updates, select Options > Subscribe (Not Subscribe to RSS Feed). To subscribe to a label, select a label and then select Subscribe to this Label. See our archived updates here.
This is your hub to learn about Square's new releases and changes to your devices.
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Hi Sellers, 👋   This is a reminder that Square KDS on iOS is being retired. If you use our kitchen display system on an iPad, please begin your move to Android.    How to move forward: Decide what Android device screen size(s) you want to move forward with. You should
Hi Sellers! 👋   Earlier this year, we launched Square KDS on Android, offering sellers larger devices that display up to 10 more tickets than an iPad, and offering 45% less expensive 10” devices. We’ve also released exciting new features on Android that add control over ticket filter
Hi Seller Community! 👋   Meet the New Square KDS for Android. Bigger Screens, Better App.     Shop for your Device   Learn more about Square KDS on Android   Back in January 2023, we announced an international Open Beta for Square KDS on Android. Now, just over f
Hi Sellers! 👋   Back in 2020, we launched an iOS-based kitchen display system (KDS) as part of Square for Restaurants. This digital offering helped kitchens to keep track of all tickets and reduce missing paper tickets. It also empowered restaurant operators to see multiple tickets a
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Hi Sellers!   We’ve received many requests for this feature and that’s not surprising since many restaurants need to control how orders move through their business from start to finish. One of the most important ways to control this flow is through routing specific POS orders to corre
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