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This is your hub to learn about Square's new releases and changes to your devices. Select a post to read more and feel free to leave a comment or ask a question! To be notified of all new updates, select Options > Subscribe (Not Subscribe to RSS Feed). To subscribe to a label, select a label and then select Subscribe to this Label. See our archived updates here.
This is your hub to learn about Square's new releases and changes to your devices.
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Hi Sellers!  👋   Now you can get up to four additional Square Debit Cards for your business (five total including business owner). By sharing spending power with your team, multiple stakeholders can spend from your business’s Square Checking balance.     With Squa
Hi Sellers!    We’ve made it easier to manage your money on Square.    As more sellers bank with Square and store balances in their Square Checking and Savings accounts, these improvements will help make budgeting easier — keeping you in control of your cash flow. 
Get paid up to two days faster.     Hi Seller Community 👋   We’re thrilled to announce that Square Checking now includes early access to ACH deposits.*    Faster access to more of your funds. Does your business use platforms like Etsy, Amazon, or DoorDash to
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Hi Sellers!   We now have improved Square Checking reporting that shows you even more detailed information on your Square sales and how they affect your Square Checking balance. With this new view, you can see each individual Square sale as it lands in your Checking account balance an
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Hello Sellers!   We are happy to announce several improvements to the notifications you can receive when your Square Debit Card is used. These changes will help you to be more aware of your card activity and take action as needed!   First, you can access a new Notifications panel
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Hi Sellers! We are happy to announce that you can now instantly access the funds from Square Loans in your Square Checking balance after the loan is approved!   Up until now, Square borrowers did not have instant access to the funds due to our settlement methods of ACH (Automated Clea
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