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This is your hub to learn about Square's new releases and changes to your devices. Select a post to read more and feel free to leave a comment or ask a question! To be notified of all new updates, select Options > Subscribe (Not Subscribe to RSS Feed). To subscribe to a label, select a label and then select Subscribe to this Label. See our archived updates here.
This is your hub to learn about Square's new releases and changes to your devices.
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Hi Sellers, 🌟   Creating authorized representatives to call into Square Support on your behalf just got easier! Authorized representatives are team members who can reach out to Square Support on your behalf.    We have made improvements to team member setup, allowing you to
Hi Sellers!   We’ve made it easier to discover and participate in beta programs at Square via the Beta Hub in Dashboard.   Help us help you. Beta programs offer a sneak peek at what our teams are working on. Joining a beta program as a beta tester helps us learn more about what’s
Hi Sellers, 🌟   Starting March 27, 2024, the subscription known as Team Plus will be renamed to Advanced Access in the US. Sellers who are using a Team Plus subscription today will see their plan now be renamed to Advanced Access under Accounts and Subscriptions. There will be no oth
Hi Sellers! 👋   We’ve heard your feedback and are excited to introduce our newest feature, tip pooling by percentage, which will be released in the upcoming weeks. This feature will be available with a Shifts Plus, Restaurants Plus, or Appointments Premium subscription.  &n
Hi Sellers, 🌟   Assigning permissions to your newly created team members just got easier! When creating team members, you will be prompted to see three permission levels when creating new permission sets. You can still configure individual permissions after selecting a starting point
  Hi Sellers! 👋   Among many onboarding improvements, we are experimenting with a new PDF setup guide for Square Payroll that would be provided to sellers when they start onboarding with the product.  We would love any feedback on the information and steps provided in the c
Hi Sellers! 👋   To better represent what businesses like yours appreciate most about Square Online Checkout —getting paid online fast with a simple payment link—we’re changing the product name to Square Payment Links. You’ll still enjoy the same benefits, now just with a new name. Pl
Hi Sellers! 👋   We’ve rolled out a new feature – offline payments – that enables you to take dip and tap payments on Square Stand (2nd generation) and Square Reader for contactless and chip (2nd generation and 1st generation, v3) when you do not have internet connection. Offline paym
  Hi Sellers! 👋   Now you can experience what it’s like to run payroll without signing up. If you are, or have ever considered Square Payroll, now is your chance to try it out - no strings attached!     Try the Payroll Demo         We’re planning
Hi Sellers!    Welcome to March! I hope the end of winter/beginning of spring is treating you and your business well. Here is the monthly roundup of all the new features and product updates posted in the US Seller Community in February 2024.   The Roundup [New] Pa
Hi Sellers! 👋     We’re excited to announce that you can now link Square’s Kitchen Display System to your Square for Retail POS, allowing you to send orders to the kitchen and make retail sales all in one transaction.   With Square KDS, you can connect to your Square Retai
Hi sellers,   As we mentioned in January, we redesigned the Square Restaurants POS to make it easier to navigate and stay productive throughout service. This redesign includes highly requested features and a new look and feel that will appear on all of your devices starting March 5, 2
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