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This is your hub to learn about Square's new releases and changes to your devices. Select a post to read more and feel free to leave a comment or ask a question! To be notified of all new updates, select Options > Subscribe (Not Subscribe to RSS Feed). To subscribe to a label, select a label and then select Subscribe to this Label. See our archived updates here.
This is your hub to learn about Square's new releases and changes to your devices.
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Hi Sellers, 🌟   Creating authorized representatives to call into Square Support on your behalf just got easier! Authorized representatives are team members who can reach out to Square Support on your behalf.    We have made improvements to team member setup, allowing you to
Hi Sellers, 🌟   Introducing our Square Specialists Directory, designed specifically to help Square sellers like you find the perfect business expertise.   Select with peace of mind. Our directory lets you easily browse, filter, and assess a partner's portfolio, ensuring you can
Surcharges and cash discounting are two different pricing strategies that businesses use to adjust their prices and manage their costs.    Credit card surcharges are additional fees or charges added to a transaction, usually to cover the cost of processing payments.   T
☀️ Hi Sellers,    The App Marketplace Learning Hub is full of resources for you. Running a business is tough work. Not only do we have hundreds of apps to help but now we have the App Marketplace Learning Hub to educate you on how to use them most effectively. The weekly blog con
Hi Sellers!   While many of you have noticed this change already (especially since you may have found this post on the page itself), I wanted to officially introduce you to the new Product Updates page for the US Community. For now, this is only applicable to the US, but we
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