[Update] Square Loyalty promotions AI

Hi Sellers,


We’re excited to announce that with the power of AI, launching a Loyalty Promotion just got easier! We launched promotions in 2022 to help you incentivize customers to return to your business for events like happy hours or weekend sales. Using the updated Square Loyalty interface, you can now choose from four different AI-powered promotions templates, saving you time and guesswork in creating the perfect promotion. To get started, just choose what type of promotion to launch, and our generative AI tool will do the rest! 


Taking it a step further, we tightened our integration with Square Text Message Marketing, making it easier for you to generate messaging that tells buyers about your new promotion.


Once buyers meet the promotion criteria, no action is required from you or your customer in order to apply the promotion to the sale. Promotions automatically apply to qualifying transactions during the checkout process, and transactions that do not meet your promotion criteria will not be awarded the additional points. 


ℹ️ Note: Loyalty Promotions are limited to one transaction per customer per day, and are available to all customers enrolled in your Loyalty program. Any promotions that you create will apply to all business locations across your Square account. Customers who receive a campaign message can see additional details about your promotion through their online buyer status page. 






Visit our Support Center to learn more about Loyalty Promotions and setting up your Square Loyalty program. Have questions or comments about Loyalty Promotions? Reply below!

Square Champion

So many possibilities! This will help us a lot. Thanks! 

Square Champion

Love this....Thanks guys

Square Champion

Ohhhhhh...I'm looking forward to trying this out.  I love when you create services to make my life a little easier lol 🙂

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