[New] Introducing Square Loyalty Tiers 🌟

Hi Sellers,


We’re excited to introduce Tiers for Square Loyalty! Now you can offer exclusive rewards and perks based on your customer's progress within your loyalty program.

Available now to all businesses using Square Loyalty.


Offer added benefits to your most loyal customers. Every purchase a customer makes at your business helps them move up in tier (e.g. Silver to Gold), unlocking higher reward-earning potential. For example, if customers in your base tier earn 1 point per $1 spent, customers in a higher tier could earn 1.5 points per $1 spent. This allows you to make your most loyal customers feel appreciated and valued. Earning higher points than customers in the base tier can motivate them to keep making purchases and earning more rewards.


Add exclusive perks to each tier. Give each tier a custom name that matches your brand personality. Include exclusive perks such as early access to new product releases or VIP-only sales.


Create personalized marketing campaigns. With Square Customer Directory it’s easy to sort and filter customers by tier. Reach the right customers with special offers by sending them a personalized email or text message campaign with Square Marketing.


Tiers can be added to an existing loyalty program and come at no additional cost to your Square Loyalty subscription. 




How to set up Loyalty Tiers:

  1. From your Dashboard > Loyalty > Tiers > Get Started
  2. Multi-tier > Set up your Second tier (your First tier is always your base program settings). 
  3. Choose a Tier name, minimum # of points the customer needs to achieve the tier, and the tier benefits.
  4. Add additional Tiers if desired. 
  5. Select your customer’s starting point.
  6. Launch!


For more information on Square Loyalty and how you can customize tiers, check out these support articles: