[New] A simple new way to create Item Descriptions in way less time

Hi Sellers,


Writing good descriptions for every single item you sell takes up a ton of time. Time that you don’t have, especially during the busy holiday season. 


Now, it’s easier than ever to make sure every item has an accurate and compelling description to help it sell. 


In Items on Square Dashboard, you’ll click Create an item.


If your item has a GTIN, you can simply select Auto create when adding a new item, scan the barcode or search for the item, and AI will pull the image and description.


If it doesn’t have a GTIN, input the item’s name, click in the description box, and select Generate. Then choose length, tone, and review keywords and double-check the description that’s written for you.


That’s it! Now repeat for every new item or any that are missing descriptions. 


Right now you can use this feature on Square Dashboard. It will be coming soon to Square Retail POS app on iPhone or iPad and to Square Register.

Try it now, or see a step-by-step guide at this link. You can leave any comments or questions below the article.