[New] Appointments Service Type Booking Filter & Suggested Templates

Hi Sellers! 👋


We are introducing a new booked service filter and the ability to segment booking dates over a span of time (e.g. booked between 1/1-5/1), as well as suggested smart group templates built specifically for Appointments sellers. And as a reminder, we also have filters available for last booking date, first booking date, and booked with. Segmenting your clients allows you to more quickly and effectively communicate with them, as well as understand their booking habits.


Our new suggested templates for Appointments sellers have predefined filters, but if you choose, you can edit them to better suit your business or use them as a starting point to build a new Smart Group. These will help save you time, as well as give you ideas on ways to best group your customers by certain attributes.


Suggested templates include:

  • Popular service: Customer who spent more than $100 on a specific service

  • Upcoming bookers: Customers who have booked a service within the next week

  • Top spenders: Customers who have spent more than $1000 in the past 6 months

  • Booked service per staff member: Customers who booked a service with a specific staff member


Using a Suggested Template is easy:

  • Click on the + Create Group button from your Customer Directory

  • Select Smart group, click Next

  • Choose from a suggested template, like ‘Top spenders’

  • Click Next

  • Customize the predefined filters or leave them as is, click Next

  • Name your smart group

  • Click Create group

  • Then, click Send campaign to send an email or text message marketing campaign to your newly created audience


You can also send targeted marketing campaigns to help engage and retain your clients. Examples of marketing campaigns with booking filters:

  • A followup message based on a service booked

  • A reminder to schedule their next appointment 

  • A thank you for services purchased or spend

  • Letting a staff member’s clientele know that they’re out sick

  • Welcoming a new client after they book their first appointment


Please let us know what you think or reach out with any questions. For more information on Customer Directory and Square Appointments, check out our Support Center article here. You can also learn more about Customer Directory filters and groups here.

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Super Seller

We will definitely be using this to send Square Email Marketing campaigns to certain groups of clients. Thanks! 

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Super Seller

We really like these new filters and templates.  We use one regularly that we set up in automation for our lapsed clients.  Love the fact that it will automatically send them an email with a coupon code inviting them back.  We've gotten some old clients back in our chairs this way 🙂

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Beta Member

Hi there. I was hoping this would be exaclty what I needed, but as I dig into the filters - they do not produce the results I need. I am looking to build a very basic report which displays:


1. Customers, which had a "Board & Train" Service performed in FY22 & correlating $ Value. Each different date field filter I've tried will not produce this customer's service in the results... Help!IMG_6507.jpg

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Hi @westchesterdogs try filtering on Dashboard, it's much easier and there are more filters available than on POS. Use the Item or service filter, and then add a purchase detail "total spent" and that should give you your results

Screenshot 2023-09-12 at 1.17.20 PM.png

Emily Truax
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@rosetreats luckily you can do this today! go to Customers (your Customer Directory)--> Filters --> Category! see this screenshot

Screenshot 2023-07-11 at 3.11.54 PM.png

Emily Truax
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This is great! But I want to be able to sort by a service that I have provided. I have three categories of clients and some things I would like to send to only those specific clients and currently I cannot.

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Does this mean If you run a special, you can put booking parameters on the service? For example, a special facial price and it’s only bookable for Labor Day weekend and no one can request to book that specific facial special beyond the dates I indicated?


I’m also wondering if there is a way to look up transactions by SERVICE or ITEM? I’d like to reach out to clients that have purchased a specific sunscreen or received a chemical peel. Is there a way to do this?

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SQUARE please add options to block user so he/she can't book appointments also I need to able turn off appointments for new users so they can't book appointment only those who already registered can do 

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Beta Member

How can we allow only so many of each service to be booked. Like if we want to minimize a service booked or maximize a service booked? For example, I want to limit haircut services to 3 a week but I want color appointments booked to be unlimited.

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Can we allow booking for certain services on certain days? For example i do services A & B during the week and want to open up Saturdays to only B Services?

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Beta Member

This is great. Just another suggestion, as a nail salon owner it would make scheduling easier for clients to be able to book multiple people for the same time with multiple techs. As of now, client either book one person, then go book another and the times don't always line up when booking a party of 2 or more. They also email or call to book multiple people. If this was an option it would remove extra work for myself and cut down confusion when booking a party of people for clients. Clients and myself love how easy Square makes booking but if this feature becomes available, total game changer, especially for bigger salons. In my opinion. Thank you!

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I would love to see a filter for clients with "upcoming appointments scheduled" and one for clients with "no upcoming appointments scheduled" ... this would make it much easier to delete old accounts safely, because now you always have to check every one prior to deleting it - to see if they have anything scheduled.  

My business is in a seasonal resort town, and we get a lot of people that move through, so I like to delete inactive clients occasionally.

Thank you!

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@etruax I have 3 main services and my clients fall either in to 3 categories or sometimes a mixture of either of the 3. ( Ex. I have lash clients, skincare clients, and electrolysis clients. But, an electrolysis client can easily become a skincare client and vice versa ) In the past, I have wanted to message just my electrolysis clients or just my lash clients, but there is not an option to do so. The same way we can sort clients by who came in for a service in the past 3 months, I want to be able to choose a “category” of clients and sort that way as well. This will be helpful for email  campaigns or text offers. 


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@rosetreats thanks for the feedback! can you please give me an example of what you're trying to do and what it means that you have 3 categories of clients? Would love to see if we can help you!

Emily Truax
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