[New] Committed Inventory for Invoices

Hello Square Sellers!


We’re excited to announce that you can now commit inventory to buyers when creating an invoice. With this update, stock held in an open invoice is marked as committed and removed from the available to sell count to help reduce the risk of accidental overselling. 


This will help you in situations where you may need to invoice a buyer for particular items and want to make sure that inventory isn’t sold to anyone else before the buyer pays. For example, an invoiced item will no longer be available on your square online store since it has been committed to another buyer already. Nonetheless, you will still be able to add overcommitted stock to an invoice if you wish to do so. 


What do I need to do to use this feature?



That’s it! Any items added to an open invoice will now be marked as committed.


This update is available to all sellers who use Invoices and are currently tracking stock of their items. Learn more about these updates and how to manage inventory in our Support Center


We would like to take this opportunity to thank the following sellers for their help in beta testing this feature:







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Yay! So happy with this feature existing!

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GREAT!!! This is wonderful, and I was glad to help.


Will the committed "field" be available for 3rd party API access? As soon as it is, please let me know. I need it to sync cross-platforms that are also syncing with Square. 


So the "Stock on hand" and "Available to Sell" fields would need to be accessible by 3rd party developers so I can Sync across all my platforms.


Square is doing a great job! Keep it up!  

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Hi @jewelcam ! the inventory availability API is something that is on the product team's roadmap for the new year. We will post any updates to this space as it launches.

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Vendor and Cost of Item would also be another valued field for 3rd party developers to have access to. It would make my life much easier too!!!

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Thank you for developing it! I do have two suggestions:

1. A lot of sellers don't use invoices as much. We need this for "Orders" (generated online and at the POS), and possible for open tickets.

2. An invoice maybe paid well before or after the items were provided to the customer, and then the committed stock will be inaccurate. There should be a "Fulfilled" flag for an invoice that will us to indicate when the committed stock was used.


I outlined this also in October here:



Thank you

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Hi! Not sure where best to put this, but here we are.


I'm loving that stock is now taken from invoices, HOWEVER the "stock on hand" and "available to sell" are a little whacky. 

If I go to enter new inventory and select "inventory recount" as the option, I personally think that should OVER-RIDE all previous inventory. I'm running into a lot of situations where there is "negative" numbers and I enter 10 new ones in stock, and all of sudden it only shows 5 in stock. And I can't seem to fix it unless I add imaginary 5 more to stock, to make it actually 10. However then the minus's just continue and it really confuses stock.

I think if you do the stock action of "stock received" it should account for the minus' because that is obviously helpful.


However the inventory recount needs to properly reset the count. Because sometimes the count is wrong. And fudging the numbers to make it show correctly do not ultimately fix the problem. 



Also does anyone else struggle with shipping being VERY temperamental on working? I find if I don't enter it in the precise order of selecting the shipping, THEN putting the weight, then going back for the box size, it does not work if I do it in the actual listed order. It will not work half the time, and go wonky, not really sure why. Can square maybe look into these glitches with shipping further? 


thank you! 

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Agreed!  I have 2 items "Committed" but the check is long closed and I can't seem to figure out how to "release" the items...  anyone else know how?

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No, it's a definite glitch. I had one that never corrected itself for 6+ months no matter what I tried. I ended up having to delete the item and recreate it.

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