New: Google Business Profile and Local Inventory Integration

Broaden your reach with new Google features!


To help buyers discover your business, we have launched a native integration with Google Business Profile (GBP), as well as integrating Google Local Inventory (GLI) with Square for Retail.



Google Business Profile


Formerly known as Google My Business, GBP is an integration with Google that allows you to manage your store locations on Google Search and Google Maps all from your Square Dashboard! GBP is also the first step in the Google onboarding process before utilizing other features such as Google Local Inventory or Google Reviews. 


You can find the feature by interacting with a dashboard banner on your Locations Page or via the Online Channels page (images below). 


*Note: Google Business Profile does not support mobile-only sellers at this time. 



Google Local Inventory


Google Local Product Listings will help you display your product image and information, including the price and availability, across Google surfaces, and easily purchase local inventory ads through your Google Ads account. Nearby buyers will be able to see eligible products directly in their search results when using keywords such as “near me” or “where to buy”. They can then learn more about your items, check local availability, and purchase the item online or opt for in-store pick-up.

  • Attract local buyers: increase potential foot traffic with local product listings.
  • Sell easily on Google: Make your product catalog ready for Google surfaces, such as Shopping and Search, by adding suggested item attributes and compete with bigger online sellers for purchases made by local buyers.
  • Maintain a robust catalog of product details: adding additional item attributes such as brand, condition, gender, age group, keywords etc., in addition to GTIN, helps you maintain a detailed catalog of your items in Google Merchant Center. You can determine which items are available (visible or hidden) or unavailable, and which of your products are not ready for sale online (e.g., missing product images).
  • Manage your Google channel effortlessly: Make changes to your business information and product catalog from within the Square dashboard.



With a Square integration to Google Free Local Product Listings, you don’t have to dedicate time to creating and updating product feeds for your local inventory and you can take advantage of local listings even without a website. Additionally, with an active local inventory feed, you can easily purchase local inventory ads through your Google Ads account.


*Note: Having a Square Online account is not required for your products to appear in Google local search results, however, if you do have an existing Square Online account with listings, buyers can click on your listings to view the product description page on your website. Integrating your Square Online website with Google Local Product Listings is free.



For more information, have a read through these articles:

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Super Seller

This is a great add on but how long does it take to link to your account.  Mine has been linking for a while now....?

Owner of Jackie's Uniquely U Boutique
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@JUYBoutique20 It can take up to 24 hrs. If it's been longer than that try logging into your Google Business Profile to whether you still need to approve the linkage: https://business.google.com/

Brian Stanish
Product Manager, Square
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Super Seller

@brianstanish I've tried multiple times to link my business. I have an existing Google business profile and I have all the auths during the connection. 
I was wondering where in the Google business page do I auth square's connection. I just logged in and I can't find a place to approve the linkage



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Super Seller

Great new feature.  I went to my dashboard and started the syncing process for my salon's location.  Can't wait to see more features added that will help bring in new customers 🙂

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@cupzcoffeeaz If you don't see the linkage then it was likely already linked. During the Google Local setup process in Square, if your accounts are already linked then you can just click continue at that step. You can see whether your MC and GBP accounts are linked in Google Merchant Center. Go to Settings -> Linked Accounts -> Business Profile tab.

Brian Stanish
Product Manager, Square
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Super Seller

I have an existing google page- under the square integration it says "publish your location or link them" when I go thru to the next step it then says "add to google" even though we are already on google.. I don't want to go further because I don't want a double listing.


Co-Owner Amityville Apothecary
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Beta Member

I'm not getting the option to add to google

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Square Community Moderator

Hi @shelyn - Thanks for reaching out 😊


Happy to help.

You should be able to view this option from your Square Dashboard.


Here is a help article that may also be resourceful. 


Let me know how this goes. 


As always, feel free to stop by The Community with question, concerns and even feature requests. We are more than happy to assist.


Community Moderator, Square
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Do you have to have Google pay to accept payments using the Google merchant account or are they just redirecting traffic back to the website for payment?

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You don't need Google Pay. This integration is intended for buyers that want to shop in person, so it will drive traffic to your brick and mortar store or your Square Online site so buyers can select "pickup" as an option.

Brian Stanish
Product Manager, Square
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