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[New] Square Subscriptions now Available on Square for Restaurants

Hi Sellers!


Do you offer a membership or subscription products or services at your restaurant? Square for Restaurants now supports Square Subscriptions! With Square Subscriptions, you can offer and accept payments for subscription products at check-out. You can also manage your customers’ enrolment directly from the point of sale. 


How it works

When a customer is at your point of sale, you can offer to subscribe them to an existing subscription plan with your business. On Square Register you can find Subscriptions in the Utilities menu and on iOS you can find Subscriptions in the Account menu. On Terminal you will find it under More. Once you select Subscriptions, you can pick the subscription plan and add the plan to your customer’s profile. Your customer will be billed automatically for the subscription through the chosen payment method (Eg. Card on File or Invoice). You’ll also be able to look up customers with active subscription and manage their enrolment – all from the POS. 


How to get started

You will need to create subscription plans in Square Dashboard. Once the subscription plan(s) are created, they will be visible in Subscriptions on the Square for Restaurants POS. Find out more on how to create subscription plans through your Square Dashboard.


What does it cost?

Subscriptions is available to anyone using Square for Restaurants Free or Square for Restaurants Plus at no additional charge. You will only pay processing fees.


For more information on getting started with Subscriptions, check out our support article.

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 I am very much looking forward to the future of Square Subscriptions. It's not quite at a point where we can utilize it, however. Hopefully there will be the addition of linking subscriptions to a certain number of free items per time period, bonuses for loyalty points earned by those with subscriptions, automatic discounts on categories for subscribers, and (my dream) the ability to scan a qr code in order to add a customer to a purchase so we can create some sort of digital membership card.

As soon as those features pop into existence, I'm all in.

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Somehow, I do not have a "more" section on my terminal. Is there something I am missing?

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