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[New] Square Subscriptions now Available on Square for Retail


Hi Sellers!


Now you can offer subscriptions or memberships directly through Square for Retail!  This is a great way to cross-sell your customers at check-out with relevant subscription products your business offers. Conversely, you can also cancel an existing subscription or membership through Square for Retail. Additionally, you can use Subscriptions to easily look up whether a customer has an active subscription or membership with your business.


How it works

When a customer is at your Point of Sale, you can offer to subscribe them to an existing subscription or membership plan with your business. You will be able to pick the subscription plan through Square for Retail and then add the customer either as an existing customer or create a new one. After that, your customer will be billed automatically for the subscription through the chosen payment method (Eg. Card on File or Invoice).


How to get started

You can find the Subscriptions option under “More” on Square for Retail. You will also need to create subscription plans through Square Dashboard (you cannot currently create subscription plans through Square for Retail). Once they are created, they will be automatically available through the Subscriptions option on Square for Retail. Find out more on how to create subscription plans through your Square Dashboard.


What does it cost?

Subscriptions is available to anyone using Square for Retail Free or Square for Retail Plus at no additional charge. You will only pay processing fees.


For more information on getting started with Subscriptions, check out our support article.

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