Apple Pay: Best Practices for Training Staff

If you’re all set up to accept Apple Pay, the next step is making sure your employees understand how it works. If you get a customer who wants to pay via Apple Pay, make sure your employees know how to accept the payment.


What’s the best way to train staff?
Just use the materials provided in your Apple Pay marketing kit - we tried to make it easy for you. The training sheet explains how to accept an Apple Pay payment and how to help your customers set up Apple Pay on their device, in case they need a hand. It's easy–check out this short video.

 Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 3.59.14 PM.png


Use Cheat Sheets
You can also place the stickers included in the marketing kit near your point of sale for your employees to reference. But don’t worry - the stickers won't leave a mark on your counter! The stickers are a quick cheat sheet for your staff to glance at in case they need a reminder about how to accept Apple Pay, or about how to help a customer set it up.


Once your staff is trained up, make sure you also have a handle on educating your customers.


That’s it! Have you found that it’s pretty easy to train your staff on Apple Pay? We’d love to hear from you - which parts are easy and which parts seem to need a little extra training?

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