Customer Code & Phone Number - Where is it?

I'm a Square Seller. How do I contact Square over the phone? 

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Great question!


There are tons of answers and content within the Seller Community that may answer your question without giving our Support Team a call (see below for the steps to call in). You can try searching for your question on the homepage of the Seller Community


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If you’re unable to locate an existing answer, feel free to start a new thread to ask your question. New Posts in the Community usually receive a reply within 48 hours or less:


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You can also find answers to common questions in our Support Center.


If you’re still unable to locate an answer to your question, you can contact our Support Team via email, chat, or phone. Here is a great resource which explains the variety of ways to contact us.


If you’d like to call our Support Team, you’ll need your customer code. In order to find your customer code, try these steps:


  1. Sign In to your Square account.
  2. Click Resources in the top right corner of your screen.
  3. Click Contact and ask to speak to a representative.


Once you have your customer code, you can dial our Support Team phone line at (855) 700-6000 and enter your customer code. 


***Please Note*** If you've been in touch with our Account Services team regarding an account verification request, you'll need to continue to correspond with them directly. The Seller Community is publicly visible, so to protect your privacy, we cannot provide insight into account specific questions. More information can be found here


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To get started, Square is currently able to offer phone support for active Square Point of Sale customers (Cash App customers can reach out here for assistance over email).


When calling in, customer codes are required to request a call from our support line ([Redacted]). The codes verify your account with Square, and help our team to pull up information about your account in advance, so that you don't have to wait on the line any longer for us to manually look it up. 


In order to get your customer code, or lookup an existing code, follow these steps:


  1. Visit the Contact Us Page
  2. Search or Select your issue. If you don't see your issue- hit > More.
  3. Once you hit > More, you'll see an option at the bottom that says > I Don't See My Issue. From there it will give you the option to call us as long as you're logged in.


We offer phone support from 6am-6pm PT, Monday-Friday. Phone support is only available for active Square Sellers, and Specialist availability varies based on time of day. Keep in mind, when our phone lines are closed you will not see the option to call us. If that happens, you can also:


  • Send us an email – we respond 7 days a week
  • Send us a Direct Message on Twitter  or Facebook  – we respond 7 days a week
  • Search or post in the community – your question may already have been answered!


***Please Note***: If you've been in touch with our Account Services team regarding an account verification request, you'll need to continue to correspond with them directly. They typically send a unique customer code and phone number via email when they request additional information, so please check your inbox. This community site is publicly visible, so to protect your privacy, we cannot provide insight into account specific questions.

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I am using another scheduling/payment software for my business currently. I am very interested in Square, however. I want to speak with someone about what Square has to offer but I can't find a number to call for prospective customers.... any help??

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@KinetiXMT Hi there, glad to hear you're looking into Square for your business. 


We only provide phone support to active Square Sellers, but we're more than happy to answer any questions you might have. 


You can also check out the Square Appointments Home Page for answers to the most common questions that folks might have when making a change. 


If you plan on using the Square Point of Sale app for payments, you can get in contact with our Sales Team



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Help me Call me[Redacted]

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This is the worst, the settings are not clear I have no idea what I'm doing (too complicated)

I may have made a mistake with this company. The cost is $150.00 already and my funds have not even been transferred yet from yesterday. Worst part is there is NO...ONE to talk to. 

Terrible Square... I need assistance now not in 48hrs.

Please help I have workers depending on me for their holiday pay.


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Square Community Moderator

@capricehawley Sorry to hear the frustration here. I went ahead and sent a case to our Customer Success team and they will be reaching out via email shortly with your customer code. 

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I need to speak to someone asap!!! I do not have a code and my transfers have not happened. This is frustrating. Please get back to me asap!!!

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Square Community Moderator

Hi there, @Maidpro - thanks for reaching out to us here on the Seller Community.


If you sign into your Community profile here, you can contact our Support Team by using this link here. 

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I am in the same situation. I need a code and I need to talk to someone about my funds being not available to me. Frustrating...yes!!!

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I totally agree. This thus far has been the worst company. It's ridiculous that they are in charge of OUR customers funds. Then it's impossible to speak with someone. 

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I agree I have been trying to get a customer code for days it says h available! And it take too long for some one to email back I have f received anything and it’s been 3 days! I’m leaving this company.

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Someone help me[Redacted]

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Help me[Redacted]

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They are horrible to get a hold of I have dealing with someone stealing my account under my name and know one will give me a code to call so done with this company 

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I have the same problem. my account was hacked and I cannot talk to anyone! I need to talk to a person to get this corrected. I have written multiple emails and no response. Square has the WORST customer service!!!!

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I’ve been having the same issue!!! I have over 10k that has not transferred...


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I'v been trying to follow tha instructions of your answer and they don'r make sense. Reading other comments no one has been satysfied with the answer. Why is not simple to find my costumer code to talk over the phone? This is so annoying. 

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I'm trying to get my customer code.  How do I do it?

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how do I get my customer code with my square account

Steve l salter
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