Customer Directory: New Features - Custom Fields and Customer Notes & Reminders

Two new features in your Customer Directory:  Custom Fields and Customer Notes & Reminders


We recently launched two new features to the Customer Directory to help you collect customer information specific to your business, and to more easily manage customer relationships: Custom Fields, and Customer Notes & Reminders. Here’s a quick run-down of how they work:



Now you can add new, customizable fields to your Customer Profiles, to give you more flexibility when collecting customer information, and more control over grouping and filtering customers based on the qualities most important to your business.


Are you a dog groomer?  Perhaps you’d like to add a field to capture the breed of the dog. A family or wedding photographer?  Maybe you want to add a date field to capture anniversaries or additional birthdays. There are various field types available to meet your needs, including text fields, dates fields, on/off toggle switches, lists, as well as optional fields for additional addresses, emails and phone numbers.


Set-up custom fields in your online dashboard, by visiting the Directory Settings page. Here you can:

  • Add new fields
  • Adjust the order fields appear in profiles by dragging fields up or down
  • Hide any fields that are irrelevant for your business


Once you’ve saved your changes, the new fields will appear in all customer profiles within the Directory.





Previously, keeping track of notes about your customers was limited to one open text box called “memo.”  We’ve heard feedback that it wasn’t helpful in understanding which comments were the most recent, or how long ago certain notes were made. To help provide better insight and context to your notes about customers, we’ve released a new Notes section within each profile.


Adding Notes will capture the date and time of each comment, as well as who left the note, so you have a better record of your history and past interactions with the customer.


Additionally, when you create a Note, you have a new ability to set a reminder for when to contact or follow-up with that customer next.  For example: let’s say you’re a hairstylist who wants to see how their client likes their new hair color. You could set a reminder to call or email your client 1 week after their service.


 notesReminders2 (1).gif



Once you set a reminder, Square Point of Sale will send you a push notification and an email when the time comes.  This means less mental notes or scraps of paper keeping track of who you need to contact each day.


pasted image 0 (4).png





































We hope you find these new features useful in managing your customer relationships. Tell us what you think in the comments, and let us know how else we can make Square Customer Directory more helpful for your business.


Square Customer Directory helps busy sellers understand each of their customers, so they can provide the best customer service experiences possible. Automated tools collect and organize customer information, providing a 360 degree view of each customer from within the Point of Sale or the online Dashboard.

If you haven't done so already, visit your Directory today and feel free to ask us any questions here in the community!

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Super Seller

This is a great addition! I can see how this will be very useful. 

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I like the funcationality of the reminder, however, is thier a way to add it to your calendar as well?  I don't consider this the same as a appointment but I realize the simularity.  Just a thought?  Other CRM applications I have offer this and I would love to elminate them and just use Square.

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Hey @M1rrorEdge - Unfortunately, syncing your personal calendar is only available for Appointments at the moment. However, I'll make sure to pass on your feedback for our Customer Engagement team in the meantime.

Puka - She/They
Seller Community UX Designer
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is there a way to search these custom fields.  If i want to find a client but all i can remember is one detail, it would be nice to be able to find via her bday, for example. 


Also, Is there a way to add /merge these fields into Appointments?  I am a pet groomer and I need to have moer info than just the Owner's name on the appointment. 

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@atomicdog The search in the Directory won’t bring up custom fields at this time. I’ve shared this with the Directory Team — I agree it would be able to search using this additional info. Thanks for letting us know! 


There isn’t a way to merge fields but if you’d like to see specific information about a client in both the Directory and the Clients section of Appointments you can add a note. When you add a note to a client from Appointments the note automatically populates in the Customers Directory, and vice versa.

  • To add a note from Appointments: Select a client > add the note under Additional Info.
  • To add a note from the Directory: select a customer > click Edit Customer > add the note next to Other.

I hope this workaround helps! 

️ Helen
Seller Community Manager

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I love this feature and use it ALL the time - but it REALLY needs to be searchable.  For example - I was out of stock of an item and promised to ship it to her and made a note to remind myself to ship it to her when it comes back in.  Well several transactions later - I can't remember who "her" is - just that I made a note about shipping tinted moisturizer.  I need to be able to search my customer directory for "Tinted Moisturizer" in the notes section!  PLEASE add the ability to search notes!!!

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Are the notes on the customer's profile only viewable from the vendors side?  Meaning if I want to put a note in a client's record that says no future appointments due to issues or what ever, does the customer see that when they log onto their account or are those notes only viewable by my staff and I?

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Hi @aquatherapups, yes, notes are only viewable by the merchant, customers can't view/access them.

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Is there a way to select a more general reminder time that is linked to future events? For example, an option to select a "1 day before next scheduled appointment". One example of why I am asking: We have one client who is really the only person to use a specific product we carry. When she came in this last time, we couldnt find the product because no one really buys it and it was stowed away somewhere out of the way (or perhaps expired). We created a note to check for the product prior to next appt, but because she books her own appointments online, we do not actually know a date to set the reminder for at the time of checkout. If we pick an arbitrary reminder date, it wont really help us when she shows up for her next appointment (which could be anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months after her last one).
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There isn't currently a way to set a reminder like that @gresserin but I see what you mean, if you don't know when the client's appointment is it's very hard to set a reminder. Thanks for sharing this example we'll track this feature request! 

️ Helen
Seller Community Manager

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Beta Member


Would it be possible to have the reminders/notes to prompt us when the customer is brought up on the POS? So if we wanted to be reminded to ask/tell the customer next time they make a purchase. 

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Square Community Moderator

This is an awesome request, but unfortunately, it still is a feature request. The best workaround we would offer would be to just save a note to that customer's profile and when you add them to the sale, you can scroll down their profile quickly to see if there are any saved notes from before. 🙂

Community Moderator, Square
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