Double Printing Order Tickets - A Workaround for Square for Restaurants

At the moment, there isn't a way to set up double printing order tickets with Square for Restaurants. However, here's a great a workaround that should help!


If you want to send two identical order tickets to a single printer, you can create two printer stations for one physcial printer. 


Here's how: 


1. Open the Square for Restaurants app.

2. Tap Account > Setup Hardware

3. Make sure your compatible printer is plugged in and ready. Tap Create a Printer Station

4. Enter the printer stations details and make sure to select the applicable printer > Save

5. Now, create another printer station, but select the same physical printer. 

double double.png


Now when you print an order ticket, your kitchen will receive duplicate tickets for each order.  Note: The above workaround won't work if you're using 2-ply paper. 



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