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How can I add a note to an existing transaction in my history?

Lets say, I just swiped a card and I forgot to add a note to the sale while doing so. I then go back to my history and see the transaction, but I'm not sure how I can add a note to the sale. 


Please help

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Hi there! Descriptions and Notes cannot be added to a payment once it's been processed unfortunately. While not ideal, if you absolutely need the note the work-around would be to refund the first payment and then charge your customer again with the note included the second time around. 

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Adding my request to this - are you listening Square? - we have a GREAT need for adding notes after the sale has been completed. We have 2 art galleries and multiple employees working the point of sale - since we are similar to a "consignment" situation where we have over 100 artists with work in the galleries who need to be paid when their work sells, we need a lot of information entered into the "notes" section when we click on "Custom Amount." We have to put in the receipt number from our paper receipt, name of artist, name of artwork and which gallery it sold from. Our employees frequently forget to put in any or all of those things - or the buyer is in a rush and doesn't have time to wait while they type it all in. I am asked constantly by employees if there is any way to add this information after the sale has already gone through (and the customer has left). We are a non-profit with a Treasurer who does the payments to the artists, and he relies heavily on this info - especially the receipt number. (Using an inventory system where things can be scanned doesn't work for us because it would be way too much work - we change the art out every month  - and those systems are way too expensive for us.)


Please add the ability to add notes in a separate section after the transaction!!!!! We need this!!!!

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Had anything been done yet to add a note after the transaction has been posted?

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Hi @dwelsh1 - no update to share here, yet. Thanks for you patience on this one. We will be sure to update everyone here in the event of a change. 

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Just as stated before, it's now March of 2020 and still no update or way to do this. It just seems like there'd be an easy fix. Sometimes we just need to add information without modifying the receipt for record keeping or data tracking.

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Exactly. On PayPal I can add memos or descriptions under a line item specifically rather than in the invoice messaging. 


Then even after the invoice paid, I can add a memo to entire invoice as whole without making any edits to payment, etc

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@Lighthouse @Ahousecalledhue Really appreciate you both voicing your needs here. Unfortunately I still don't have an update to share, but if we hear of anything new we'll let you know.

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Just adding my voice to this requirement. Also the ability to edit the item. I have an employee who selected the wrong item, but the price is correct. I would like to change the item post transaction. Void the sale is not an option.

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I am also adding my voice to this.  It's really annoying when people forget to add the note at the point of transaction and then when I chase them up we have to write things on paper.  Additionally it would be good if notes (even truncated) could be sent along with the payment so it appears on bank statements

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Thanks for adding your voice here in support of this feature, @seymourvilla. We appreciate your diligence in sharing with us what you need for your business and how this feature would be beneficial.

We will continue to share updates here on this thread as we have info to share about news and potential releases. Thanks for your continued patience! 

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Just adding another strong vote on here for the need to be able to edit or add notes after the fact 😞 


There is a HUGE need for this feature...any progress made on this SQUARE?

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I'm here hoping there will be an update to this soon. It would really streamline things for me if I could make notes with change requests, etc after point of sale. 

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I also have come across this problem. I know the question is old, but I thought I would add my solution for those that are looking. Rather then refund and run the transaction again, I make a $0,01 sale with the note added and referencing the earlier purchase then give the $0.01 sale a 100% discount and complete the transaction. This is not a perfect answer, as it will throw off your data because the number of transactions is now off, but it works.


I would really like a way of adding notes after the fact!

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@Chaos_Emporium That's an excellent suggestion and one that I haven't heard used before, so thank you so much for sharing!


Seller advocacy is a big factor in our Product Updates, so the more interest that this garners the more likely our Product Team will put it on the road map, or at least look into an alternative solution. 



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I really do not understand why we cannot add notes to past transactions. It doens't affect on the financials if done right. I totally understad that you said we can't alter the recipt (or the original notes), but adding a post note field should be easy. 

I've often forgotten to add a note originally, add an explaination (of the charges), or I want to simply add more info because that's teh way I am. 😄

Why can't there be a simple new field for "Additional Notes After the Transaction" so I can add whatever info I need. That info might just be for me, additional business notes, or somethijng I'd like to share if it came up later. 

However, having all that info in one place is paramount. 

I appreciate your time but I'd super appreciate it if you can help with this. This is my number 2 complaint with Square (but most "needed" to be fixed)

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I really need this as well, especially needed when I make a custom sell using the ipad, i.e the item is not in inventory (missed or new just arrived, placed on flow and customer wants it) or i'm giving a different/custom price, so I enter the $ amount on the sell, I need to add notes ID'ing the product/vendor, I'm able to do this during the purchase on the phone however, can't do with Ipad, or later on in the transaction on PC, meaning when tabulating everything at the end of the month, I have to manually enter that information (I usually have a note book to write the custom orders). 


If we could be able make notes on customer purchases on the Ipad as we do on the phone would be supremely helpful. Is there a reason this has not been allowed yet?

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I also need to be able to add notes to a transaction, after it is processed.   would really help when I am in a hurry and cant spend the time typing it all in.   

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I just want to say again, nobody is asking to be able to change a transaction. We just need a simple feature to add notes (and it can be clearly highlighted as a note added afterwards) to a transaction for booking keeping purposes. 


Other than a not yet, I don’t see why Square wouldn’t want to implement this feature. 

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Hello @Insomnia, @Skrich, and @LGcanada


I just wanted to thank all of you for sharing your takes on this feature request. I've made sure to flag each individual comment so our Point of Sale Team! 


Right now I don't have a timeline I can share or a status of this feature, but if anything change a member of the Community Team will update this thread. 

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I for one really appreciate that there is at least some kind of official response @Chad and I hope that some kind a feature like this could be added. While there is a long list of wants, this feature I would say is “needed”. 

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