Questions on sales reports

It appears that net sales is simply gross sales minus refunds?

Is there any way to include taxes?


I am having a very difficult time creating sales reports. I currently have to search multiple tabs for different figures and do my own manual calculations.


As a suggestion for improvements to be made to reports in the future I will share what would be helpful to me.

Sales before tax, sales after tax, total fees, cc only fees (preferably with AMEX as a separate category), a tax breakdown by category sales i.e. apparel, food, retail.


Currently the custom reports feature falls way short.

Are any of these changes being worked on?

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Sorry to hear about the trouble with the reporting! Your Sales Summary should have most of that info, right from the home page. This summary can show any date range, and includes gross sales, refunds, taxes and fees paid. Is there anything in the navigation I can help clarify? 


Additionally, there is the Category Sales report, which you can breakdown by payment method using the "Advanced Options." It doesn't go as far as card type (AMEX) but I'll share your feedback with the team that builds our reports. 

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After a day of transactions, Square sometimes emails me a "sales summary report", other times a "sales report" fwhich includes a summary, plus additional item details. How do I get the sales report all the time? Summary report does not provide all the info I need. I can not seem to create the "sales report" on the square site that mimics the sales report that is emailed. I would like that one sent to me consistently, forget the summary report.


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Hi @F2F — wanted to jump in here and offer a closer look at your account.


It sounds like you might be referring to the "Monthly and Annual Sales Summaries" report, which is only sent out at the end of the month and year. We aren't able to offer a daily version of this report at this time. Out of curiosity, can you let us know which sales information is most valuable for your business? I'd like to share this suggestion with our product liaison team. 🙂


If that's not the report you're referring to, can you send an example to our Support team of the report that is showing the most helpful information as well as the one that's lacking? This will help us sort this out. Thanks for taking the time to share this!

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I am fairly new to Square and I am using the Sales (select from the left panel), Transactions (select from the horizontal panel) report a lot.  I like the format and the information but when I print it, I only get the page that displays on the screen.  I have exported it to csv format but it takes a long time to reformat, sort ,etc, each time I do that.  Is there a way to print multiple pages?






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I have found that if you email a sales report from the day from the app it is a much nicer formatted report than the one available in the dashboard on your computer.  At the top of the page in the app, next to the print sales report button is the email button.

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I am having the same issue.  It shows gross sales and net sales as the same.

How can this be corrected? Also does the same with profit report.

Want to have one that details net profit correctly.

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Hey there, @MRALLC


Welcome back to the Community!


Which is report were you looking at? If you have a time period without a return or discount, then your Net Sales & Gross Sales will look the same.


If this isn't the case with what you're seeing, please let me know. A screenshot of what you're seeing will give me a better look. 


I will keep an eye out for your reply👀

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