Feature Request: Allow Team Member to use a Nickname

The title of this thread has been edited from the original: Team Member Nickname or Non-Legal Name


Hello. I am hoping this can be solved quickly. 


I have two team members that wish to not use their legal name for various reasons. I hadn't really thought about the impact of this until they further explained and now I see the need for this. 


Is there a way to set up a nickname for an employee at least in scheduling so that other employees do not see the legal name of another employee and rather see a chosen name?


If not, please consider adding this feature.


Thank you,


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Hey @TerrorTacos,


Thanks for writing in 👋

While it's not possible to add a nickname for a team member, I can definitely see how this would be a useful feature to have! In the meantime, you could edit your team member's name to their preferred name here, or perhaps shorten their surname to the first initial.


I'll pass this on to our team as a feature request for consideration, and have also moved this thread to our feature request board for tracking purposes. 



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Thank you for the response. I know I can change their name but my concern is that it isn't their legal name so for tax purposes, or potentially unemployment (god forbid), I worry this will cause some issues for the employee. 

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