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Turn off the on-screen keyboard on square register

We use square appointments running on Square Register for our busy salon. Because of this, we use a bluetooth keyboard in order to type in notes/ etc.

This works great except the on-screen keyboard still comes up every time I need to type something. 

Is there a way, in square register, to permanently toggle the on-screen keyboard OFF?

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Hey there, @exodushair


Sorry to say that this isn't an option for the Square Register, so it would be a Feature Request. 


This is excellent feedback on the hardware and how you use it. I appreciate you taking the time to post in the Community about this. 


Thank you! 

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I have a simple feature request that would help us out.  Originally it was covered here in this thread...




But didn't seem to get here under feature requests.  So I would like to request it,  Having an option in the general register (Square POS Register Dual Display Product) settings to turn off on-screen keyboard for the register user (primary main display screen) but keep on-screen keyboard for the secondary customer display.  This way the customer can still enter in there info etc. but if the main display has a keyboard connected either Bluetooth or USB it won't keep popping up for the employee it when entering in data since they would have a keyboard on their end.


Another more simple solution would be to just have a simple keyboard request,  where a small unobtrusive bar pops up on the bottom of the screen with an arrow point up and message that says tap to open keyboard input.  Would look like this..


  "  (( ^^ Tap Here or Slide Up To Open Keyboard ^^ )) "


If it's too hard to have the dual options for keyboard on/off for each display on the the dual display register (square dual display retail register).  This simple feature with the popup bar on the bottom would be most unobtrusive since it won't popup and take up half the screen unexpectedly.

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Hi there @GContinuum - Thanks for reaching out and providing your feedback on this Feature Request.


The thread you shared is actually on the correct Feature Request board already so it will have the attention of our Product Team there. I went ahead and merged your post to the same thread, just so we can keep everything in one place 🙂

We appreciate you double-checking this to make sure it's in the right spot!



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