American Express & Square Launch Specially Curated Suite of Complimentary Signage for your Business



Welcoming your customers and showcasing all of the payment methods you accept is good for business. 


In fact, 77% of American Express® Card Members agree that they are more likely to make purchases at a business if they see signage prominently displayed that their preferred payment method is accepted.* 


That's why we recommend prominently displaying signage at point of sale and on the front of your establishment. And, to make it easier than ever to let your customers know, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve teamed up with American Express to launch a one-stop shop for complimentary signage and supplies specifically curated for U.S. Square sellers – all at no cost to you. 


You can find our offerings here, including:  

  • Card brand logos to place at your point of sale – so customers know they can pay their way
  • Customizable Hours of Operation Decal – so your customers always know when to find you
  • Open / Closed Signs & Push / Pull Stickers for your door – to cover the basics
  • Other signage - to connect with your customers 


You can pick and choose the supplies that work best for your business – all compliments of American Express and Square. 


Order Yours Today


Cobranded Square & American Express signage is provided at no cost by American Express for U.S. Square sellers. Limits as stated on website and available while supplies last.  Images shown are for the U.S. cobranded signage and materials. 


*Source: American Express commissioned an online survey conducted by Morning Consult in September 2023 relating to non-business purchases. Definition of American Express® Card Members: Respondents in the U.S. who reported that they have an American Express credit card and that they use that Card to make non-business purchases at least once every 6 months. Definition of Non-Card Members: Respondents who reported that they do not have any type of American Express Card and that they use Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit card products to make non-business purchases at least once every 6 months. Disclaimer: The trademarks used herein are the property of their respective owners.

Square Champion

This is very nice. Thanks Square and American Express!

Square Champion

How cute is this.  Well thank you because I'm going to click over and create an hours of operation, as well as one that says to "Slide The Door".  Clients never know how to open the door when they first come 🙂


Enjoy @TCSlaguna!


Glad they will be useful @Stacelyn24


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