[Applications Closed] Get expert guidance with the Seller Community Mentorship Program 2024
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Applications for mentees are now closed. For updates, click Subscribe to the Blog above.


Spring is here and what better time to learn new skills or tackle that project you’ve been meaning to get to, which is why we are very excited to reopen applications to the Seller Community Mentorship Program! 🎉


We are now accepting applications for sellers who are looking to connect one-on-one with an experienced business leader for support and guidance to help them grow their business and as business owners. 


Apply to be a mentee

How does the Seller Community Mentorship Program work?


The Seller Community Mentorship Program is designed specifically to connect experienced entrepreneurs (mentors) with emerging business owners (mentees). Through this program you will have the opportunity to get one-on-one support and practical advice on how to achieve your business goals, as well as answers to your burning questions. You’ll also have opportunities to connect with other business owners who face similar challenges.


The program will run for six months, during which you will be able to meet one-on-one with your mentor virtually, in person, or through other communication channels. 


[My] mentor has been super at offering suggestions on how to improve my item and menu setups, which is what I needed most.” 

— Mentee, Seller Community Mentorship Program 2023


What are the perks of participating in the program and having a mentor?


  • Learn from a pro: Get paired with an experienced business owner. Learn from someone who has been through it while getting a better understanding of how to grow your existing business.
  • Get help when you need it most: Talk through difficult situations, learn how to handle the unexpected, and have individual access to someone who knows what you’re going through and is ready to help. 
  • Feel a sense of community: Connect with a network of business owners to share your experiences, to discuss wins and challenges, and to offer suggestions. 
  • Learn from anywhere: You can connect with your mentor one-on-one virtually, in person, or through other channels that you feel comfortable with.



[My] mentor is awesome and so wise! He has been a sounding board and provided a different perspective that has helped the business flourish.”

— Mentee, Seller Community Mentorship Program 2023


Who should apply to be a mentee?


We are looking for sellers from all different business types and industries. If any of the below sound like you, please apply.

  • You are open-minded with a learning mindset.
  • You have a strong interest to scale or to find opportunities to grow your business.
  • You can dedicate at least an hour a month to participate in the program.


What are the criteria to participate?


  • You are located in the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, or Ireland.
  • You have run or managed your own business for at least six months. 
  • You can commit to participating in the program for at least one hour a month. We know you’re busy, and we expect things to come up, but engaging with your mentor for an hour each month is an important part of the program. 


How do I apply?


If you are interested, apply by filling out this form.


Can I apply if I haven’t participated in the Seller Community?


Yes. Please apply even if you have not previously participated in the Seller Community. Learn how to get started in the Community. 


What happens after I apply?


We are accepting applications until April 19Once we have reviewed all the applications, a Community team member will reach out to selected candidates with the next steps.


We’re really excited to meet you and to connect you with the right mentor. Comment if you have any questions about the program. The application form for mentees will follow soon. Subscribe to the blog to receive updates by email. 


Apply to the Seller Community Mentorship Program: Mentee application form


Tra is a Seller Community Manager at Square. She is responsible for several programs, including Question of the Week, Seller Groups, and the Seller Community Mentorship Program.


Fine Print

As a participant in the program, you agree to abide by the Square Seller Community Mentorship Code of Conduct. If you violate this code, the Square Seller Community may suspend or terminate your participation in the program. Mentors are not employees, contractors, or agents of Square, and any guidance or advice they provide reflects only their personal views and is not endorsed by Square. 


Seller Community Mentor

Have we gotten any newbies?  I'd still love to mentor someone if I get the chance.


@CareyJo Thanks so much for your interest! The application form to apply to be a mentor will be available on this blog from next week. Click 'Subscribe to the Blog' from the top of the screen to be notified when the post with the form is available!


We're still early in the recruitment process but once we have completed reviewing all the applications, I'll definitely be in touch with more details on your new mentee @CareyJo ❤️ So glad to have you in the program! 

Square Champion

SO EXCITED for this!

Seller Community Mentor

I'm excited to have someone new and try again!

Beta Member

I know I missed the dead line but is there a way I can still apply to find a mentor 


Hey @Texasselect, thank you for your interests in the program! We're just finishing up with reviewing all applications and matching mentors. If there's any withdrawal and a spot open up, I will definitely let you know! 

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