Cheers to You! The 2023 Seller Celebration Event Highlights

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Last Thursday, November 30, the Seller Community gathered for our inaugural end-of-year celebration event to raise a virtual toast to all the incredible moments and achievements that have made the Seller Community shine. Thank you to everyone who joined us on the day, especially our speakers, @sugarlab, @DLRosenberg, and @MudFire_D.❣️ 


Missed the event? Watch the recording online.



Seller Community Awards 🏆



The Seller Community Awards recognize and celebrate outstanding members whose contributions have had a positive impact on the community as a whole.


This year we celebrated the exceptional efforts of 12 top contributors who have enriched our community with their expertise and support. They are:





The Bookworm: Members who have attended the most discussions for the Square Readers Book Club.

Thank you to our winners, @CareyJo and @Smellthis1919. 🎉 They participated in discussions on every one of our books so far, sharing learnings to help other sellers incorporate new ideas and methods into their businesses.





The Tester: Members who have been actively involved in and shared feedback on the most betas in 2023. 

Thank you to our winners, @ecst-corp and @ryanwanner. 🎉 They participated in a total of 45 betas this year, and their feedback has helped us make our products better for sellers.





The Interviewer: Members who have attended and asked the most questions for AMA and Q&A events. 

Thank you to our winners, @phillipsrw and @bradrsi. 🎉 They shared over 30 questions this year, making sure that business owners can get the information they need.





The Specialist: Members who have contributed the most in our Industry Seller Groups, spaces dedicated for sellers to connect with peers within their industry. 

Thank you to our winners, @JK_Fiber_Art and @sylviajvincent. 🎉 They contributed 41 total posts, sharing industry knowledge and insights with everyone, especially in the Retail & eCommerce and Artists & Makers groups.





The Responder: Members who have participated in the most Question of the Week and In the News threads. 

Thank you to our winners, @Purple_HS and @Bronze_Palms🎉 They each authored over 70 comments this year, going above and beyond to start conversations and create connections.





The Achiever: Members who have joined in 2023 and have actively engaged in the Seller Community, authoring the most posts. 

Thank you to our winners, @tdgjrb and @5iveSpice. 🎉 Together they shared almost 200 posts and product ideas this year. Their participation has helped business owners connect and learn.



Trivia Champions 🥇


In addition to our Seller Community Award winners, we want to give a shoutout to our Cheers to You Trivia Champions, congratulations @sugarlab @Sam_400º and @DLRosenberg!


Super Seller Spotlight: @sugarlab 💪


Whether you are new to the Community or are an established member, you have probably seen a comment by or connected with members whose profile avatars bear a blue badge. Those badges recognize our Super Sellers, who graciously volunteer their time to provide product support and share their business insights with other Community members.


During the event, the Square Super Seller Program Manager, @isabelle, sat down with @sugarlab to talk about their experience being a Super Seller. 💙 You can listen to their conversion here, from 31:29 to 38:05.


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🎉 Cheers to you, Ali Kenis, Sugar Lab Bake Shop! 🎉

Ali Kenis (@sugarlab) runs Sugar Lab Bake Shop, based in Ventura County. Growing up she wanted to be a doctor. After attending a cake decorating class with her mom, she fell in love with baking. After she graduated with a degree in biology, she opened her bakery in the spring of 2012. 



Ali’s Top Advice 


🟦 Building Connection: Being a business owner can be lonely at times. For Ali, being able to connect with her fellow Super Sellers and other business owners who share similar struggles — and understand all the hair-pulling moments — has been invaluable to her entrepreneurial journey. Ali has also taken advantage of opportunities to connect with others and have her voice heard at events, such as Cheers to You and Block earning calls.


🟦 Know Your Why: To those who might be struggling with their businesses, you’re not alone. When times are challenging, Ali reminds herself and encourages others to “know your why.” Why did you get into business? Beyond the product, the service, or the experience that you sell, why do you stay? In moments when she feels frustrated, Ali remembers her long-term goals, why she started her business, and not to quit on her worst day (which works for so many things in life!).



Essential Mentorship Tips from @DLRosenberg💡


In July 2023 the Seller Community launched a Mentorship Program, which aims to connect experienced entrepreneurs and business owners with others who are just starting out or are in the early stages of their business journeys. It has been inspiring to see the different relationships built through the program. 


@DLRosenberg, one of our first Seller Community Mentors, joined the event to share her experience and tips on being a good mentor. You can watch our conversation with Dina, from 41:50 to 49:00. 


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🎉 Cheers to you, Dina Rosenburg, Amityville Apothecary! 🎉

Dina Rosenberg (@DLRosenberg) owns Amityville Apothecary on Long Island, New York. Starting with one small room, the business has taken over an entire building in four short years. Dina likes to help other people, whether it’s in her local community on Long Island or the business owners she’s friends with in the Seller Community Mentorship program.



Dina’s Top Tips 


More Listening, Less Talking: For Dina everything in life follows the motto “more listening, less talking,” especially when she has a conversation with anybody about their business. It’s about finding clues and cues in how they speak about their business to understand what’s going on. Spending time with other business owners helps her get a different perspective and comes up with new ideas to help solve problems they may be facing.

Put Yourself Out There: Dina is the biggest advocate for social media. Nobody likes the sound of their own voice, and it can be jarring watching yourself on camera, but as a business owner you have to put yourself out there. Many businesses sell similar products, but not everybody is you. We’re all unique individuals, and it’s important for your customers to learn about you. The more you do it, the better you will get at it!


Your Wins For 2023 🎉


We asked our Seller Community members to share their biggest wins of 2023, whether it’s a personal goal or overcoming a business challenge. From expanding businesses to promoting team members, it really has been quite a year for Seller Community members.


Read what Community members have accomplished this year and add your own wins.


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Learn from the Community 🗣


One of the things we are always amazed by is the generosity of everyone in the Seller Community. Members take time out from their busy schedules to come into the Community to answer questions and share their insights with others. So during the event we asked, what's the best advice you've received in the Seller Community?


Read the most impactful (or favorite) advice sellers have received this year and share the best advice you’ve received in this thread.


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Your Plans for 2024 🪩


We are getting close to the end of 2023. Read what other Community members are working to achieve for their businesses in 2024 and share your own goal.


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Growing with the Seller Community


As you work toward your goals for 2024, we encourage you to lean on the Seller Community for support. Whether there’s something you want to learn more about or a connection that could help you reach your goal, share it with us!


What goals are you working toward that you would like support with?


Thank you for being a part of our Seller Community, sharing your experiences and helping others when you have been busy running your businesses. You are the reason we have a Community, and we appreciate you all!


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Tra is a Seller Community Manager at Square. She is responsible for several programs, including Question of the Week, Seller Groups and our new Mentorship Program.


This article is only for informational purposes. The information provided in this article solely reflects the authors’ views and are not endorsed by Square. This article is limited in scope and is only intended as a high-level overview of the topics mentioned. Seller Community conversations are for educational purposes and do not constitute legal, financial, or tax advice. For guidance or advice specific to your business, you should consult with a qualified legal professional.

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